I give you permission

I give you permission to change.
I give you permission to stay the same.
I give you permission to be kind to yourself.
I give you permission to take a break.
I give you permission to

…be in the PROCESS

What does that mean? It means you don’t have to reach all of your goals right now.
It means that you are allowed to take it easy. You are allowed to just be in the process.

Allow yourself to feel that.. I AM in the process.

I AM in the process of getting healthier. I AM in the process of getting fit. I AM in the process of finding my true life process. I AM in the process of figuring it all out.
I give you permission to just BE in the process. When I tell myself that I am in the process of something that I am working so hard to achieve, it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It feels as though I can breathe again, deeply. I AM in the process and it’s OK.

There’s a real purpose to all of this. Let me tell you what this does energetically. Energetically, you are freeing up space by changing your thoughts about this situation. You are allowing your mind and your body to relax into being OK just the way you are. You are allowing true divine guidance from Source and from your Higher Self to come in without restriction of stress, fear, anxiety, physical tightness. Energy is more able to move through you without getting stuck because you are finally able to accept and relax into being exactly where you are. It is from this state of being that you can truly start to figure it all out and manifest what it is that you want with more power and efficiency.

I AM a huge proponent of affirmations, as you probably already know. So I want to challenge you to create your own affirmation that you can use to release the pain, the pressure, that heavy feeling on your heart and in your shoulders. What has been causing you stress lately? What have you been working so hard towards? Can you give yourself permission to just be in the process of achieving it?

Come up with your affirmation and affirm it every time you start to stress. 7 days straight. Great things will start happening. And I want to hear about it so come back here or e-mail me with how this practice is helping you.


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