Who is creating your life?

We are all energetic beings brought into this world to co-create with the divine.

Our journey entails turning energy into matter.

We are all magicians and alchemists at a deep soul level.

So what happened? Life happened. Experiences, situations, people, affected you and your beliefs in many ways. You forgot about your close connection to the divine. You began to doubt yourself and your self esteem suffered. You began to believe the collective consciousness (LOGIC!) that you couldn’t do certain things, couldn’t be certain things, and couldn’t live a certain way.

Well I am here to tell you that you CAN be anything you want to be. I don’t care if you’re 12 or 94. Your powers to co-create do not diminish, they are just forgotten. They are surrendered. They are given away to anyone or anything in your life that you feel controls you. If you hate your job, spouse, or can’t forgive yourself.. you have given away your power to co-create your life. You have given away your power and are letting someone or something else create your life for YOU!

WTF?! Take that shit back! For God’s sake figure out a way to forgive, release, and command your power back. Stop holding on to things in the hopes that someone will realize what they did wrong. Stop asking others to apologize. Get the fuck over it… you are only hurting yourself and keeping yourself stuck and in the past. FORGIVE.. LET GO. Demand that this situation or person give you back your power, your spirit, and your soul pieces.

“I command my spirit return to me NOW from xyz”
“I demand that all of my power be returned to me from this situation here and now!”
“I demand that anything this person has that is mine be returned to me now and integrated into my body within my energy for my highest and greatest good.”

It is done. It is done. It is done. Release + repeat.

Or be suck.. stay the same.. don’t progress.

Face your fears, shut your ego down, step into your magician, and start co-creating the life of your dreams.

2018: intentions + goals

Happy new year tribe! I am sure you are being bombarded with emails and Facebook posts about goals and intentions for the new year. So I want to take this time to clarify a little why this is important and how to customize it to YOU. First, what’s the difference between intentions and goals? Intentions…

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Ego v. Intuition

You hear people saying “Oh that’s just your ego. Don’t let your ego control you. You can’t live from your ego. Your ego is a big fat liar.” But is that true? And what exactly is the ego? “The ego is the voice of dissatisfaction and attachment inside my mind.” -James McCrae Let’s go back…

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Manifesting has become a new-agey sort of term. Everyone is trying to manifest money, fuzzy socks, a soul mate, etc. And rightly so. I mean The Secret makes it seem so easy!  I remember when The Secret came out, and I read it over and over again on the train to Temple University. I was…

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Signs from the Universe 

One day I found myself driving somewhere rather far. My daughter had fallen asleep so I decided to talk to spirit. I asked questions and they answered. I asked why I can connect sometimes and not other times. They told me to turn off the music. That I would always find my answers in the…

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HOW TO: New Moon Ritual

This cycle’s new moon is on Thursday October 19th at 3:12PM (ET). This new moon in Libra brings calm and harmony. This is a good time to connect with people, go out with friends, and work on relationships. Typically, new moons are all about declaring your intentions and the things that you want to manifest….

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Combating Anxiety 

Anxiety is something almost everyone has suffered from before. It hits the old and the young. Anxiety can really be debilitating and couples with depression it can be unbearable. When it comes to spirituality and metaphysics, the consensus on anxiety is that it is human made and whatever you are anxious about is not important…

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I give you permission

I give you permission to change. I give you permission to stay the same. I give you permission to be kind to yourself. I give you permission to take a break. I give you permission to …be in the PROCESS What does that mean? It means you don’t have to reach all of your goals…

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When people talk about karma they usually call her a bitch and then say, “what goes around comes around”. Is that truly what karma means? Well, technically speaking yes. We live in cycles not only here on Earth but also in the after life. There will always be beginnings and endings of some sort but…

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The Power of the Moon

Did you get to experience the lunar eclipse? Holy shift! For me it was physical, emotional, and spiritual. I got physically sick, tired, and just felt off. While emotionally I really felt like I was unstable. Was I happy? Was I sad? And then spiritually I could feel that things were shifting that the energy…

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