Even if you dream it, resistance may come

Today’s post is not about health and nutrition but about completing your life’s work. I wanted to share something that has been coming up for me lately in the hopes that it will serve you as well.

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I’ve been working on some products to offer my coaching clients. I was in the brainstorming phase for a while. I was thinking of everything but doing nothing. I realized that I could brainstorm for years but that I was just procrastinating and needed to start actually creating something.

The thought that I would be procrastinating struck a chord with me. I love working on health and nutrition, creating products, and adding value to my people so why would I be procrastinating? Why do we continually sabotage ourselves through negative self-talk, fearful thinking, procrastination, and doubt when we know in our hearts that we are fighting for our own dreams?

I was reminded of something that Steven Pressfield (author of Turning Pro and The War of Art) said once in an interview with Oprah. It was something to the effect of …when we find ourselves resisting and fearful, we are assured that this is our soul’s purpose and that the dream is real.
So many times we hold visions in our minds of what we want to do, how it will play out, and what the desirable outcome will be. We smile to ourselves thinking how happy we will be and how good life will be once we achieve it. Truth bomb: you must actually act and take the first step in order to achieve your dreams. You just have to act, start, and build that momentum. How will you ever change anything in your life if you don’t begin? Don’t wait until you are ready. Don’t wait until you feel you are knowledgeable enough. That day will never come. You just have to start, learn along the way, share your message, build your project, and change your life.

Some more wisdom from Steven Pressfield:

“The dream arises in our psyche (even if we deny it, even if we fail to or refuse to recognize it) like a tree ascending into the sunshine. Simultaneously the dream’s shadow appears—i.e., Resistance—just as a physical tree casts a physical shadow.”

He continues …

“So the next time you hear that self-loathing voice in your head, remember two things:

One, that voice is not you. It’s not your thoughts. It’s Resistance.

And two, it’s a good sign because it tells you there is a powerful, original Dream close by.

The answer? Identify that dream and act to bring it into realization.”

What would happen if we just pushed past that resistance and acted to make something real happen? We are so scared of failing and making a mistake that often times we don’t even start. What’s the point then? I know I will make mistakes in my journey and in creating valuable products for my clients. But where would I be if I didn’t start? We will all fall, stumble, and question ourselves, but it’s the getting-back-up part that defines us in life.  Tweet: We will all fall, stumble, and question ourselves, but it's the getting-back-up part that defines us in life @dayah29 (Tweet that!)  So wherever you are in your journey either start right now or get back up. Everything can be figured out. You just have to begin.

On that note, I am getting back to designing a wonderful product that I hope you will enjoy one day. I hope this resonated with you. If you are interested in reading more about Steven Pressfield you can find a great article HERE or affiliate links to his books below.



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