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Picture this... a fairy godmother has blessed you with superheo powers. With these powers you can make the whole kingdom beautiful, forever young, and with abundant good health. However, you need to unlock the key ti making yourself feel good before unleashing all those amazing powers. Are you following here? You've probably already guessed where I am going with his. Hormones. Balancing hormones is the key to unleashing all other superpowers.

OK, so what do the hormones do exactly? Tons. Your hormones are responsible for regulating growth + developments, metabolism, sexual function, reproduction, mood, and your income. Just kidding about that last part but I guess they could be responsible for growing your bank account if they are perfectly balanced and you are the best you can be. ANYWAY, if you have issues with any of the above,  you should implement some or all of the tips below to balance shit out.

Easy Tips to Rebalancing Hormones

    1. Increase omega 3 oils and decrease omega 6. Your body technically needs a balance of both. But we get WAY too much of the Omega 6 shit in today's modern world. I'm talking corn oils, canola, oil, soybean oil, vegetable oil, shortening, and margarine. All of these oils cause inflammation and mutation in cells. So replace these nasties with coconut oil, real grass fed butter, olive oil, wild salmon, or omega 3 supplements. symbol of fish made of fish oil capsules isolated on white backg
    2.  Avoid caffeine. Stop shaking. I see you over there freaking out over this one. Take it easy, baby. You can reduce caffeine and still see results. I'm talking one cup organic coffee instead of 6. Caffeine by itself can be fine but when it is combined with stress, toxins, pregnancy, and a fat imbalance, you've got trouble. It can also lead to adrenal fatigue (hormone imbalance). Stress - business person stressed at office. Business woman hold
    3. Avoid toxins. When we are toxic, our hormones suffer. Reduce toxins in your life by eating organic (dirty dozen), using natural cleaners, BPA free cans, cooking with glass, and doing a detox. Check out my 3 day fall detox to get you started. It's free. Terrified girl in yellow gas mask. Environmental metaphor.
    4. Catch some more Zs baby. Seriously, this is so important and something many people are missing. I know you are so so busy. You have a full time job, kids, family, responsibilities, food shopping, hair doing, and is hard. But make time to sleep because when you don't your body is stressed. Too much stress = hormone craziness. hotel, travel and happiness concept - beautiful woman sleeping i
    5. Supplement with the best of them. Let's face it, many of us can't even get enough greens in our diet. So many of us are probably not getting enough magnesium, vitamin d, omega 3s, or fiber. So supplement! Use high quality supplements. Maca powder has been shown to help regulate hormones and sex drive. Put a teaspoon in your smoothie for 30 days and reap the benefits.
    6. Exercise. For the love of God stop spending hours on the treadmill or elliptical. It stresses your body! There are much more effective forms of exercise like high intensity interval training that actually continues to burn calories and fat for 24 hours after! Short bursts of exercise actually triggers hormone reactions! Add in weights and you're golden. Check out my post on high intensity interval training.Exercising Woman
    7. Try gluten free. I know this is scary. Only crazy health nuts at Whole Foods eat gluten free. This may shock you, but that's actually not true. Although you may not have Celiac, reducing gluten for at least 7 days will show you how your body reacts to grains. It's a great test and you may be surprised by the results. Start with my 3 day free fall detox which is naturally gluten free. Words Of Celiac
    8. Reduce stress. Sweet baby Jesus. You are so stressed out. That's why you're skimming this because you have a million other things to do. Slow the fuck down. Relax. Take it easy. You are taken care of. Everything is fine. Take a minute to get present in your body and environment. Just breathe. We spoke about stress on your body in a few of the other tips here so that should tell you how crucial relaxation is to regulating hormones. Do yourself a favor and take a chill pill. bigstock-slow-down-relax-take-it-easy-64135357 v2
    9. Eat a healthy, well balanced diet. Increase greens and reduce processed, packaged foods. ELIMINATE sugar! This is huge. Sugar increased insluin (the fat storage hormone) and tricks your body into holding onto fat. It's also highly addictive so the more you eat, the more you crave. Get rid of that white shit, please! Just eat whole, plant based foods and you will change your life forever, promise. Check out my Pinterest for some great recipes. From-Nature-With-Love--42262528 v2
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