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Chakras are energy centers located in our bodies. They take in and put out energy. As you may already know, everything on this planet (and beyond) is made of energy so it is crucial that the energy we are sending out and receiving is high vibe in order to live healthy, happy lives. Different chakras are associated with different parts of our bodies, colors, archetypes, and also different emotions. When the energy in one chakra is stagnant or spinning in the wrong direction it may manifest itself in our bodies through illness, disease, depression, etc. So how do we affect these energy centers? The truth is, everything we do, think, and feel really affects them.

Here are some examples: constantly thinking and feeling like you don’t have enough money is a not only a limiting belief affecting your abilities to manifest, it is also causing your root chakra to be unbalanced. Because the root chakra is associated with our most basic needs as humans, you may see this manifest in a continued blockage of money flows, feelings of being ungrounded, resenting your job, anxiety, and even a lowered immune system.

As mentioned above, the first chakra, the root chakra (red – located at the base of the spine) has to do with the foundation of our emotional and physical health. Trust, safety, security, survival. It is your family, community, home, career, money, and health. It is our connection to Mother Earth. How secure are you feeling in your life right now? Do you find yourself too much in your head and a bit spacey or unfocused? Work on grounding yourself, walking barefoot outside, and consciously being with nature. Take charge of your life and be clear about what you want or don’t want. Take decisive action in the path you would like to go on. Be the leader, make decisions rather than waiting around passively or making excuses. Take control of your life by figuring out what you want and then let go of fear based beliefs. Let God , your guides, or the Angels guide you from there. Be open to possibilities and new ideas.

The second, sacral chakra (orange- located at the pubic bone) is the sexual chakra. It is the center of our connection to others and where our wounded inner child lives. It represents ethics in relationships, creativity, feelings, emotions. Ask yourself, do I believe I need a man to be happy? Do I believe I am inferior because I am a woman? Are you expressing your creativity like you should? Do you express your emotions and true feelings daily or are they bottled up? An unbalanced chakra can be seen through difficult relationships , problems with sexual organs, depression, or addictions. Balance through dance, music, yoga, getting in touch with emotions and releasing  fear, guilt, or shame. You will know this chakra is balanced when you are really enjoying life, physical pleasures, good food/good times, and noticing the beauty around you.

The 3rd chakra is the solar plexus (located above the belly button) which is responsible for your personal power, will power, self-worth, and individuality. This is our relationship to ourselves. Ways to know if this chakra is not balanced: anxiety, excessive worry, judgmental thoughts, and being a workaholic. Ask yourself do I feel out of control? Have I given my power to someone else? Do I live in my own truth no matter what others think? What is my personal code of ethics? Some ways to heal and balance this chakra is by spending time in the sun, swimming, walking, laughing, and acts of personal courage (saying no to things you don’t want to do, and standing up for yourself).

The fourth chakra is the heart chakra (located in the chest). This chakra is associated with emotions, healing, love, compassion, generosity, forgiveness, balance, and self acceptance. This chakra teaches us that the relationship we have with ourselves is a mirror for the relationship we have with others. Love yourself first and it will be mirrored out to love for others as well. Ask yourself, do I give and receive easily? How kind and compassionate am I towards myself? What do I REALLY want? You will know that this chakra is underactive when you feel emotionally closed, you don’t like yourself, you are overly critical of others, and you are unable to receive appreciation and love from others. Balance this chakra by reading love stories, journaling, list the reasons you are amazing, show and tell others what you appreciate about them, and wear green.

The throat chakra sits right in the middle of our throat right at the thyroid gland. This is the 5th chakra. Being that it is between the higher chakras and the lower chakras, it is the bridge between your head and heart. It is associated with self-expression, will power, listening, manifesting, communication, and choosing. An unbalanced throat chakra can be associated with lack of willpower, addictions, over talking, inability to make decisions, and the inability to express yourself in a healthy way. Lying and not living your truth can distort this chakra which could manifest physically in the jaw, throat, mouth, ears, and neck. To strengthen the 5th chakra, let go of fear and limited thinking and allow your inner guidance to come through. Here are some other things to do to help balance this chakra: Yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, speaking your truth, standing up for what you believe in, and acting on your intuition.

The 3rd eye chakra is located in the center of the forehead (between the eyebrows). The 3rd eye stands for truth, intuition, sight, clairvoyance, and the detachment from the personal ego. This is your direct connection to wisdom and truth. It’s what we know and believe to be true. Physically, this sixth chakra is connected to the brain, eyes, ears, nose, pituitary and pineal glands. A sixth chakra imbalance may include second guessing yourself, inability to act on divine guidance, over-thinking, self-doubt, and relying too heavily on others for answers. Where in your life has this been occurring? Balance this chakra by spending time really visualizing your goals, dreams, and outcomes. Be willing to look within to find the answers from your higher self. Meditate, use your intuition to make choices (from food to business or life decisions), be creative, eat healthily (seasonally, locally, restrict caffeine, chocolate, alcohol, drugs), and learn to enhance your psychic abilities. You may also find it helpful to affirm your willingness to listen to your own inner guidance. “I have all the answers I need.” “I see life and all experiences clearly, and with wisdom.”

The 7th chakra is your crown chakra. It represents your spirituality, faith, and connection with your life purpose. This is located at the top of your head. You may feel the misalignment if you are feeling alone, lonely, not connected to God, have a strong attachment to material things, feel stuck in life, or have headaches and migraines. Imagine this last chakra opening up like a lotus and therefore opening up your faith and connection to the higher realms. Eat and wear purple things. Amethyst and clear quartz are great crystals for opening this chakra.

This was a short overview of the chakras and I hope that you found this helpful. If you are curious where your blocks lie and how to really clear them, you can purchase a chakra reading below. This is a tarot card reading first pin pointing which chakras may be out of wack and then finding ways to clear, heal, and activate them the proper way based on your unique needs. This reading is done by e-mail. Please provide your full name at checkout. This reading is $25.



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