Intuitive Tarot Card Readings

Tarot is a mystical, magical tool that really holds no magic on it’s own. The magic is in the interpretation. With a good solid question, my intuitive gifts, and positive life coaching skills, I can help you gain clarity on any situation in your life. I can provide spiritual guidance, psychic insights, and advice on how to move forward. My goal is to also empower you to use your own gifts and hone in on your intuition to receive answers and advice. These intuitive guidance sessions are typically done via skype or phone.

Ask as many questions as you wish within the  minute time frame. Wherever the cards take us we will go, you don’t have to focus on only one area!





Love Notes

“This woman is AWESOME!! She’s helped me in so many ways! She’s helped me to hone in my confidence to continue pursuing a career as a professional psychic. She’s also been able to guide me towards finding a romantic partner. Wonderful spirit with wonderful words of wisdom to keep you spiritually aligned at any time!” – Darius Mills


“Once again this reading was on the money….without giving much detail, she was able to pinpoint the issue and her advice was exactly what i needed to hear. Moved on from the situation and making myself happy! Thanks again :)” – Arianna