Intuitive Spirit Readings

Allow me to tap into your energy field and speak with your spirit guides as well as my own to see what is going on in your life. I can do a body scan and determine where there is stuck energy or we can chat with our guides and receive some higher guidance for your life. I may pull some cards on specific questions that you have or we may go into some coaching around your situation. I can provide spiritual guidance, psychic insights, and advice on how to move forward in life. My goal is to also empower you to use your own gifts and hone in on your intuition as well to receive answers and advice. These intuitive guidance sessions are typically done via zoom or phone.

Ask as many questions as you wish within the 30 minute time frame. Book your reading by clicking on the PINK button below.



NEW: e-mail readings + text readings!

You can now e-mail or text me a question and I will answer within 24 hours (usually less). $11.11/question can be paid by PayPal (below). Once you have paid, specific instructions will be sent.

** please note that I do not give out medical or legal advice. This is for entertainment purposes only and I reserve the right to refuse to answer questions I deem as inappropriate. I am not responsible for what you choose to do with the information that I provide. This is mean to be light and fun so please, if you have crucial life altering questions, set up an appointment with me to chat **





Love Notes

“This woman is AWESOME!! She’s helped me in so many ways! She’s helped me to hone in my confidence to continue pursuing a career as a professional psychic. She’s also been able to guide me towards finding a romantic partner. Wonderful spirit with wonderful words of wisdom to keep you spiritually aligned at any time!” – Darius Mills


“Once again this reading was on the money….without giving much detail, she was able to pinpoint the issue and her advice was exactly what i needed to hear. Moved on from the situation and making myself happy! Thanks again :)” – Arianna


“After having my reading with Danna I was able to get a more clearer visual of where I want my life to go. She was able to tap into energies around me and also angels,  giving me important messages that they wanted me to know to make sure they were still around for me and what things I may have needed to do to clear certain areas in my life. I was extremely impressed on how she was able to tap into my energy on such a deep level, help me understand things I was questioning myself about but wasn’t sure. I really enjoyed my 10min video with Danna she answered every question I had for her and offered her guidance into my next endeavor ! I would definitely recommend her for spiritual guidance and healing!”  -Cody