Which woo-woo path should I follow?

You may already know this about me… I am multi-passionate. I am into crystals, Tarot, mediumship, meditation, prayer, Shamanism, channeling, Angels, nutrition, herbs, essential oils, coaching… ahhh so much!! There are so many options out there for the spiritually curious that sometimes it can be difficult to know what to focus on first. Let me start by telling you that the key here is commitment. Whatever you decide on, COMMIT to it for at least 31 days. Truthfully, to become an expert at anything you need 10,000 hours but we’re not really talking about becoming experts in any of these fields, we are just talking about exploring and finding out which is right for you. Figuring out which path to take in the woo-woo world.

I came up with this chart for my own benefit about a year ago. You can download it for free below. So what you are going to do is dowse with your pendulum (or necklace) to figure out what to focus on right now and for the next 31 days. Once you have completed the initial 31 days, you can keep dowsing to see what to focus on next or what you might find is that it either happens organically (you just KNOW) or you decide to follow your first topic for longer and learn even more. There is no right or wrong. This is truly a very personalized path and no two are the same.

Let’s get stated! Get your pendulum or necklace ready. If you don’t have one you can purchase one here that I will intuitively make just for you. Download the chart here. Notice that I left some empty squares for you to add your own interests that may not already be in the chart.

How to dowse using a chart:
You will notice that there are column and row numbers. So ideally you would ask the pendulum “Is my next focus of interest in column 1?” If you get a yes then you would continue “Is my next focus of interest in row 1? row 2? row 3?” If you get a no to the first question that you would go to column 2. You get the point.

Before you begin dowsing make sure you follow THESE directions  especially if you have never used a pendulum before.

Once you have your area of study, remember that commitment is really important. Vow to learn all that you can and document it all in a journal. Log into Facebook and comment below about your experience. Or Let me know on my Facebook or Instagram page.

Have fun!

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