This juice was totally not planned but SO worth it! Wheatgrass was on sale at my local produce market so knowing the health benefits, I bought some. I had already purchased grapefruit for t he cleanse I am doing so thought I would try the two together. What a beautiful couple they made! So refreshing.

Benefits of wheatgrass:

  • Amazing source of chlorophyll (full of sunlight energy, blood builder, detoxifier)
  • Energizing
  • Contains all essential minerals
  • Helps clear acne
  • May help improve digestion
  • High magnesium content means it is beneficial for arthritis and constipation

All I used here was wheatgrass and a grapefruit. It's hard to gauge how much wheatgrass I used. It was enough to make about 4-5 ounces of juice. The rest came from the grapefruit. JUST JUICE IT!

wheatgrass juice


Source for benefits: