What is your face trying to tell you?

I am currently enrolled in Andrea Beaman’s New Healers Master coaching program. One of the things that really attracted me to this program is her teachings on facial diagnosis.

Did you know that your face says A LOT about your inner condition? Think about your forehead, ears, eyebrows, eyes, nose,  mouth, and tongue. Have you noticed anything strange happening with any of these parts of your face? Have you recently lost eye brow hair in a certain place? Developed a white coating on your tongue? Had ringing in the ears? Swollen above or under the eyes? There could be an ACTUAL reason as to why these symptoms have occurred.

Here is an example: I have 2 small children (who do not sleep well) so sleep is hard to come by in my house. I thought that my lack of sleep was the reason for the unusually dark circles under my eyes. Another symptom I had related to my eyes was a headache on my eye brow. I had no idea these two were related!

I also didn’t realize, until recently, that those parts of my face are actually directly related to my kidneys. The purple that was under my eyes was showing that my kidneys were COLD and that my body was not getting enough liquids.  The headache, on  my eyebrow, was showing the same thing! After increasing warm liquids and reducing cold, raw foods and beverages, my symptoms disappeared. I was amazed.

Take a look at your face. What do you see? Post below and I will try to help you identify the issue behind your symptom!

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