What does being healthy actually mean?

People be like . . . Let’s get healthy! Time to get healthy! Live a healthier life!

And  you’re thinking . . . Wait? I’m not healthy? These fat free chips aren’t healthy? This whole wheat bread isn’t good for me? But this ice-cream is sugar free!! WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?!

So here’s the thing… healthy means many different things to many different people. However, whether you like it or not, many of the foods that expert marketing companies are pushing on us ARE NOT HEALTHY!

So if those fat free cookies and low-cal microwave dinner that you’re eating isn’t healthy than chances are neither are you.

Are you working out? Sweating like a pig a few times a week? If not, chances are your body is NOT healthy. You may have a fast metabolism but that does not mean your body is working optimally and that you are a healthy individual.

Are you happy? Do you find joy in your life on a daily basis? This indicates a healthy lifestyle as well. Did you know that the foods you eat can absolutely affect your mood?

If you answered no or maybe to any of these questions… chances are, you could use some support in life. Schedule your free 20 minute consultation with me and let me give you some pointers on living a life you love.

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