Tips to make it through the holidays alive

‘Twas the night before Christmas (or Hanukkah) and all through the house…everyone was eating, drinking, and and probably arguing.

You know the scene.

How do you not get sucked in? How do you avoid the petty arguments, the 5 I’ll-just-eat-my-feelings-cookies, and all that wine.  You see these things aren’t just bad for your physical body, but for your emotional well-being as well.

Excuses, excuses, excuses. We make them all in order to get what we want. I’m going to have one more piece of cake because it’s the holidays. Only one more glass of wine because everyone is drinking and it would be rude if I didn’t. I deserve it. I don’t deserve it. I feel bad for myself. I already cheated. AHHHH. It’s enough to make your head spin. But you give in. You give in to yourself and then you wonder why you’re still fat, sick, and sad.

Make this year the year for NO MORE EXCUSES. Commit to yourself, your health, and your emotional well being. Here are some tips to surviving the holiday season.

1. Chill the fuck out. You WILL get a parking spot and make it through traffic (eventually). You just need to chill. When you are frantic, you make everyone else around you frantic. Focus your energy on singing, deep breathing, going through your to-do list, chatting with the kids, etc.

2. Move your butt. Exercise really does change your mood. It’s a scientific fact. Add affirmations to your workout and you are going to be UN-FUCKING-STOPPABLE! Check out my girl Erin’s Shrink Sessions. It’s a workout with affirmations that will increase your energy and change your thought patterns. Get a free workout here.

3. Eat right. I simply can’t stress this one enough. Drink water, eat tons of veggies, fruits, healthy fats (nuts and seeds), and high quality protein (lean meats, wild fish, organic tofu). What you eat DOES effect your moods. If you simply can’t get all your greens in, try juicing, smoothies, or green powders such as these.

4. Count your blessings. This is probably the most important one because it has SO many benefits. Start your morning by giving thanks, counting your blessings, and then staying present and enjoying how that moment really feels. I know in my last post I wrote about what to do if you are NOT thankful. But in reality, there must be SOMETHING that you are thankful for.

Comment below on what has helped you get through the holidays without losing your mind and you’ll be entered to win a 50% off admission to my new ” 30 Days to Look Your Best Naked” program starting in 2015.

This is my long awaited virtual group program. That means you can participate from anywhere in the world and so can your friends! We will interact online, on calls, and I will even mail you some special surprises! The best part about this program is that it is a group initiative where you will get to collaborate with other women who are going through what you are. It’s a beautiful thing!

Here is the breakdown:
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