The Power of the Moon

Did you get to experience the lunar eclipse? Holy shift! For me it was physical, emotional, and spiritual. I got physically sick, tired, and just felt off. While emotionally I really felt like I was unstable. Was I happy? Was I sad? And then spiritually I could feel that things were shifting that the energy was moving quickly and that the veil between us and the spirit world was thinning even more. Lady moon is so powerful!

Think about it this way, the moon has the power to control the seas, right? So think about yourself. As a human (we hope) adult you are about 55%-60% water! So as the moon affects the waters of our oceans, it MUST also affect the waters within us as well. Esoterically, water relates to our emotions. Both are fluid and flow, sometimes high and sometimes low. Whether you accept it or not, the moon affects your energies.

I am a moon child. I have long felt that I am greatly affected by the moon and am able to use her and her phases for manifesting, deeper connection, and enhancing my intuitive gifts. While meditating on my personal soul gifts one day, the full, shining, and perfect moon joined the party and integrated completely within my being. It was such a real experience that I really started to understand the power that she held. To top it off, I have a deep connection to the energies of Archangel Haniel. She is the moon angel and goddess working with the power of the moon to harness psychic abilities, intuition, and spirituality. So much moon energy !

Want to get to know the moon for yourself and how you can harness her energies? Start tracking. Track how you feel during her phases and use the information below to help you move through your life seamlessly.

New Moon: time to manifest what you want! Get clear and ask the Universe to help.
Waxing Crescent: As the moon gets bigger, you will feel your projects moving forward and expanding bringing more energies. Focus on the expansion of ideas and taking action.
Waxing Quarter: Continue to push past your fears and make decisions. Making decisions in integral to development and growth, especially during this phase.
Waxing Gibbous: Fine tune what it is that you are working on and continue to get even clearer for the Universe. Take inspired action on the things that you want.
Full Moon: Recharge your energy (and that of your crystals) by spending time under the full moon. Use her powers to enhance your psychic and intuitive abilities through meditation and intention. You can also use these energies to call forward any limiting beliefs, behaviors, thought forms that are no longer serving you and that you are ready to let go of. This is a perfect time to LET GO. Try not to start new projects under the full moon because emotions are running wild.
Waning Gibbous: Continue de-stressing, decluttering, and ridding yourself of anything that no longer serves you.
Waning Quarter: Assess what you have done and where you want to go. This is a great time to slow down and reflect on your life. Where are you now? Where do you want to be? What do you need to do to bridge that gap?
Waning Crescent: Lastly, before the new moon arrives and we are ready to manifest and charge up our dreams, we are called to rest and take in some quiet time for ourselves. Self care is necessary.

If you have an interest in the power of the moon, her phases, and how to use her energies check out Jennifer Racioppi. She has tons of amazing information.

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