The Spiritual Awakening Course

  • You’ve heard of karma and are scared it may bite you in the ass

  • You’re tired or being scared of the unknown spirit world

  • You want to know what happens when you die

  • You are wondering what THIS life is all about and why certain thing occur when they do

  • You want to be able to heal yourself naturally, using chakra energies

  • You are interested in your blocks and figuring out WHAT holds you back in life + how to fix it

  • You’re intrigued by the laws of the Universe and how you can use them to live a more connected life through alchemy + magic

  • You are empathetic and want to learn ho to clear, ground, and protect your energies

  • You are just fucking hungry for knowledge and love learning more about all things spiritual and metaphysical

This is the intro into metaphysics + spirituality that you've been waiting for

I have spent the past 10 + years studying all things metaphysical. I read ALL the books and took the courses. But everything changed when I learned and began studying Spiritism (the study of spirits). My mind awoke, my soul shined, and my perspective was forever changed. Learning about the spirit world, life, death, spirits and everything that is behind the veil was able to change my life forever. I now have the information and the knowledge to know and understand why certain things happen, why all of this stuff is real, and I know how to use it.

I am able to control what I see and change it if it becomes too much. I know who I am speaking with on the other side and I understand how they can affect my mood, thoughts, and reality. Because I understand this, I am able to change it and make it work for me. I have a new perspective on my relationships and am able to stay in my peace and my center more. The best thing yet, is that I can help my friends and clients also understand the spirit world so that they can empower themselves for a better life.


Spirit + I have answers to all of your burning questions and we are so passionate in sharing this with you

because the more you know the more you can…

  • control your own life

  • learn the laws of the Universe + how to use them

  • Find out what you’ve been missing in this 3rd dimensional world

  • change your perspective around yourself + your relationships

  • understand energy and how to work with it

  • manifest your desires + get spirits’ help in doing so

  • heal your chakras

  • create practical spiritual rituals that are right for YOU

  • connect to your intuition 

  • open up your mind to be better and greater for yourself + family 

  • educate others to do the same

If you downloaded and enjoyed my awakening roadmap ebook… you will LOVE this! It’s a continuation where we go into MUCH, MUCH more detail!

This is for beginners and advanced spiritual seekers..,.everyone will get value from this course!

If you’re ready to hop on board… let’s get on a call and make sure this is EXACTLY what you are looking for! I am really looking to create a group of people who will get the most out of this course, therefore I want to chat BEFORE you sign up.



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So what is this course all about?

Module 1 (week 1): Spirits, souls,  + the spirit world

Module 2 (week 2): Energy, laws of the Universe, Manifestation

Module 3 (week 3): Chakras

Module 4 (week 4): Clearing, grounding, protecting

Module 5 (week 5): Intro into the Akashic Records 

Module 6 (week 6):  Intuition + psychic gifts









The course itself begins January 29, 2018.
These are pre-recorded modules that will include slides and workbooks for you to download 
You will receive each module via e-mail on Wednesdays. You will also be notified in the FB group.
There will be homework to hep hone in the information and ensure comprehension and to increase the value in your life.
Q&A sessions will most likely be on Sundays (but this is subject to change depending on everyone’s availability)





Are you ready?