Spirits that lurk, not always bad

We’ve all heard of vibrations and energy levels. We recognize them in ourselves and in each other when we are sad, upset, happy, or in love. But did you know that your energy level affects the spirits that are around you? If you’re reading this article you are probably familiar with spirits and that they are always around us. These spirits are different from your spirit guides in that they are not necessarily there to guide you.  But, they can still affect our lives. I’m going to share 4 groups of spirits that I have found to be present most commonly, with the people I work with.

  1. Those spirits that see our light and are seeking our help
  2. Those that wish to learn from us
  3. Those that recognize our souls from past lives or the afterlife
  4. Those that are bored and want to mess with us

Before I share my ideas, it is always important to say your protections when communicating with any spirits (you can get my prayers and protections when you download my free e-book “The Awakened Soul Road Map” here.

Recently decreases spirits are able to see our light when we have reached a certain state of spiritual awareness either in this life or a past life. Our soul still incorporates that divine light of having reached a certain vibrational level. The spirits that see this light may need help for several reasons. Either they do not know they are dead and are very confused, they don’t know how to get to the other side, or they are trying to get a message to someone to receive closure. For any of you who are able to see or sense spirit you may claircognizantly know when a spirit is trying to communicate and what he or she wants. Sometimes they may come to us clairvoyantly during meditation or an altered state of consciousness. When they are confused you may feel their confusion, clairsentiently. At that point it should be expressed to them that they are no longer living. They must release Earth, any material possessions, and even the people they love in order to be healed and transformed on the other side. You can say this out loud and inform them they must ask for forgiveness and accept it as well. They must be humble enough to see their faults and ask for help from the Divine. If this does not work to help them crossover, Archangel Michael can be called on 3 times to help this spirit go where it is appropriate.

The second type of spirit is the one that is learning from you. That’s the one who is leaning over your shoulder as you are reading this and extracting all the knowledge with you. These spirits typically vibrate lower than you and therefore look to you to learn. Whatever it is that you are interested in, they are too that’s why they are attracted to you. It’s perfectly acceptable to talk to them and teach them but they can read your thoughts as well and learn from that. I am fortunate enough to be a part of a large spiritual center in my area. During one of our classes the teacher pointed out that right at that moment there was a University size classroom full of spirits listening to the lesson and learning. The beauty of it? They would turn around and go educate others spirits! Remember, just because they have passed and are spirits does NOT mean they know all.  They are below your state of vibration and are still learning. So teach them and help raise their vibrations as well as your own.

The third type of spirit is the one that recognizes us from a past life. These are spirits that may be obsessed with us due to what we have done to them or with them. They are attracted to us because they love us or they hate us. If we have hurt them in a past life they may still be angry and are getting back at us in ways we may not notice. Putting blocks in our paths, making our visions unclear, sending us bad relationships, money troubles, addictions, etc. Now I must warn that we should always take responsibility for our own lives and recognize the many factors at play: karma, spirits, our egos, manifestations, our own minds and actions, etc. It is not ok to blame spirits for all of our misfortunes; we must take an active role in turning things around for ourselves. If you are unsure what brought your unfortunate consequences into your life, it is important to ask a well educated medium or teacher. Another method I have found that works is forgiveness. Mediate on forgiveness and offer it to anyone or anything that you may have wronged in this life or a past life. Then forgive yourself. Continue this for 5 days until you feel peace.

The fourth type of spirit that is around you is the one who is trying to mess with you. When everything seems to be going wrong or when your belongings go mysteriously missing, when you’re trying to get answers from your pendulum but it’s going crazy, or when you can’t help but sense a darkness around you. Joking spirits can mess with us in all sorts of ways if we let them. As you may have guessed, these spirits vibrate at a lower vibration than you, that is why they think it’s fun to mess with you. Often they do not intend to hurt or be mean, but are bored and have seen a way in to mess with you. If you sense you may have some trickster spirits with you, I would suggest a spiritual clearing either from myself or from someone that you know and trust. Another option is to not pay them any attention. Treat them like a child and ignore their antics. They will eventually grow tired and more on to someone else.

There is so much to learn on this topic and surely there are many more spirits that are around us than the ones mentioned here. If you are interested in this topic, I would suggest finding an educated teacher, reading The Spirit’s Book by Allan Kardec, or reading blogs. There is so much information out there; just asking for the next piece will help bring it to you. Just remember to always protect yourselves.

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