The course you've been begging me to create is finally here

  • Do you want to know why you are here on Earth?

  • Have you been pondering your life and soul purpose?

  • Want to know why you have such a strong connection to certain people in your life?

  • Have you been wanting to looking into your past lives to clear karmic debts?

  • Want to know the purpose of planet Earth and what happens before we incarnate?

  • Are you ready to be realigned with your authentic self?


Then you are truly ready for a






Reading my soul record has changed my life

I used to be just like you. Lost in this great big world of self imposed limitations and other trying to put me into small little boxes that I didn’t belong in.

I desperately wanted to know who I was on a deep level, why I was here on Earth, and how to live my life in a more “go with the flow” sort of way. After bouts of depression, anxiety, and major life changes I finally found the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records are an immense energetic database held on a different dimension within the Universe. It is there that each one of our SOUL RECORDS is kept. Within my record I was able to find

My true life purpose
Pinpoint my strengths + weaknesses
Discover my past lives
Heal karmic debts with others
Understand the way the Universe works
Reveal my personal soul gifts
And so much more but most importantly,




Ever since then, it has become my mission to help women and men find and understand who they truly are and what they are meant to do here on planet Earth.

And now, I am LIVING my purpose every single day. I am finally aligned with my true flow of energy where life happens for me not to me. I know where I came from and what I have been through. I am able to see situations from different perspectives and from the eyes of the Akashic Records. I understand what waits for my in the afterlife and I know that my future is NOT set in stone and that every choice I make creates my life. I am able to work with the laws of the Universe to live my dream life and feel fulfilled with who I am and what I am doing out here in this great big world. I finally understand my relationships and can heal strife between myself and others without even approaching the person. I am truly empowered and I want you to feel the same way.


And now, beautiful, I am ready to share ALL of this with you!

Not only will you understand your own chart but you will learn how to access the records for EVEN MORE information!





3 content packed classes

Class 1: You will receive your specific soul blueprint reading from ME then you will receive a video teaching you:

  • Intro to the Akashic Records. Discover what this energetic database is all about, why we have it, and what to do with it
  • The Universe
  • The information you can access in the records
  • Your soul record, breakdown + explanation
  • How to live from the perspective of the Akashic Records
  • How YOU can access the records
  • Relationships and the records



Class 2: Let’s dive into YOUR soul record

  • Your soul purpose
  • Your soul mission
  • Your specific soul gifts
  • The major archetypes that you are playing out in your life
  • Your energy center – the energetic point from which you live your life
  • Accessing more information on these topics


Class 3: Let’s dive DEEPER into YOUR soul record

  • Incarnation + reincarnation
  • Planets of incarnation
  • Karmic debts
  • Past lives
  • Life lessons
  • Accessing the records for more specific information
  • Tools for going deeper


  • a 7+ page PDF with your soul blueprint
  • a BONUS 4th class all about the realignment process, setting goals, and living your dreams
  • guided meditations
  • a workbook to print and take notes on every class
  • private FB group to ask your questions
  • 30 minute call with ME to discuss your personal record
  • unlimited access to this course = lifetime of learning + exploring
  • live Q&A


Still have questions?

Who is this course for?
Spiritual beginners and advanced souls who are looking for power knowledge, power, and to find themselves on a deep soul level. Those who are sick of living their lives based on what other think or want for them and are ready to be realigned to their true soul essence and purpose. YOU who IS ready for a soul evolution and to open yourself up to new and exciting possibilities that are available through the Akashic Records.

Who is this course NOT for?
Those who are not serious about learning more about who they are and the Universe at large. Honestly, every spiritual explorer can find many gold nuggets in this course!

What can I expect from the course?
Absolute clarity on who you are on a soul level. Some major AHA moments and lots of soul fulfilling learning.

How do the classes work?
You will be e-mailed one lesson per week starting January 8th for 3 weeks plus the bonus class on the fourth week.
Although we will all start the course together, it is self paced and you are welcome to go at whatever pace feels comfortable for you.

More questions?
E-mail me at



Ready to realign to your purpose?



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