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I recently read something from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition on simplifying your life. It struck a chord with me because I realized many of us are walking around like zombies.

We like things, we have MANY things, our houses are cluttered, and in turn so are our minds.

Have I told you about one of my favorite books that has changed my life?

I can’t even begin to tell you what a profound effect this book has had on my home and my mind. Decluttering may actually be the way to enlightenment and inner peace. Yup, I said it. Anyone who knows me knows that’s a HUGE statement. This girl is MESSY! Not no more (well maybe a little – it’s a work in progress).

Anyway check out this awesome book and read a few more tips to simplify your life below:

1. Buy the book above! Declutter, organize, throw out the shit that doesn’t bring you joy and reclaim your life!

2. Say’ no’ to things to don’t spark you. Events or material things. But not your job (we can work on that in private ;)) Saying no to things you don’t want to do will empower you to use your time for things that you do want or need to do. Just say no. It’s seriously powerful.

3. Make a list. Have you been procrastinating? I do this on the daily! Make a list, and pick one thing from your list each day that you will focus on. You will feel so much better getting everything down on paper (trying to remember everything you need to do really does take a toll on your mind). And then you will feel even better as you slowly cross things off.

4. Shut off electronics. Spend an afternoon with nature, a book, or just your family. Turn it off and it will feel like a mini vacay. I promise you won’t miss a thing on Facebook.

5. Live in the now. Focus on this moment…right…here. Yup this one. Did you miss it? Start over…this….one. Ha. When you’re cooking, just cook. When you shower, just shower. Don’t obsess over the past or trip yourself up over the future. All you have is this moment right now.

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