Signs from the Universe 

One day I found myself driving somewhere rather far. My daughter had fallen asleep so I decided to talk to spirit. I asked questions and they answered. I asked why I can connect sometimes and not other times. They told me to turn off the music. That I would always find my answers in the silence. This went on for some time until my ego exploded that none of this shit was real! You’re imagining this, I thought. You’re crazy having a conversation with yourself!

Now, I have gotten really good at deciphering bullshit ego from my higher self but this time it took me off guard. So I said, “ok spirit, listen, I need a sign that this is all real and that I am not bad shit crazy. And because I never know what is or isn’t a sign, I want a feather.” Driving along, I notice several flags on the side of the road and it hits me! Those are called feather flags! I have seen those flags a million times but the name never dawned on me (Claircognizance hit from my guides!) But that wasn’t enough for me so I said no, no, no I want a real feather! So there is no confusion. I asked, I let it go, knowing I would receive my sign soon. About 30 minutes later we arrived. My daughter had to go to the bathroom and as I helped her, I turned around to find a very large poster in a frame of none other than 3 beautiful feathers! I thanked the Universe and my guides for the important lesson that day.

Ask for what you want. When you get something you don’t want, ask for something better. But then let go and trust that this or something better will appear. Not everything has to be on our terms all the time.

I recently heard Caroline Myss say a version of this: if you are constantly receiving signs from the Universe, then you are likely NOT on the right path and have completely missed (or didn’t trust) your intuitive hits. I was confused for a hot second and then it dawned on me that she wasn’t talking about the pretty-feel-good-signs. So here’s the other side of that ball.

Your intuition urges you to quit your job. But you are paralyzed from fear. So you don’t. The Universe sends you signs and makes work life unbearable as a helpful hint. But you still don’t listen or act. Then you get fired. All were signs telling you you are NOT on the right track. So it’s important to make a distinction between the signs that say “Hey, great job!” And the ones that are more like “Meh…let go or get dragged.” The best way to tell the difference is by the way you feel. If you don’t feel good, you need a re-alignment. This is when you can get quiet and ask for Universal guidance or messages from your higher self or guides. Once you receive that intuitive hit on what you should do, act. If it’s a huge deal, ask for confirmation from the Universe. This can come as a sign on the side of the bus, a phone convo with a friend, a synchronicity, a TV show, or something you overheard that was exactly what you were debating. Confirmation is necessary when you feel your guides are asking you to do something that is out of the norm or even when you are downloading information that is a little “out there”. Always ask for confirmation.

So, what are you wondering about? Ask!

“Universe, please give me a sign that ________. Please make this sign super clear so that I will not have any doubts. And please send this to me as soon as possible. Thank you thank you thank you. “

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