Reduce, Replace, Rejoice!

For the love of kale, forget what you've been told about meat! You probably already know what you should be doing to get healthy but if you don't, then you DO NOT want to skip over this e-mail. Ignorance is NOT bliss, especially when your health is at stake. Meat is one of those things that experts and meat & dairy execs have argued over for years.You should always do your own research and listen to your body. It's intuitive to what you should be eating. My extensive research shows that meat is not that good for you and you don't need all that protein!


Here are the 3 reasons to go veg:

1. Disease prevention. Scientists have PROVEN that eliminating meat from one's diet can prevent, and in many cases reverse, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. To make a complicated story simple, these diseases feed on fat cells in the body. It's what allows them to multiply like bunnies. Reducing the toxic and dangerous fat that you eat from meat (and specifically meat) will in turn also reduce the fat cells in your body, inhibiting those cells from reproducing. Take breast cancer for instance: According to Dr. Neal Bernard,  body fat increases estrogen in a woman's body and that estrogen is what stimulates cancer growth! There's more science behind it but I don't want to bore those of you who think you know better and that the FDA would never lie, so if you want to know more I highly suggest you read The China Study, Crazy Sexy Diet, or any book by Dr. Neal Bernard (you can purchase via my affiliate link HERE.

2. Animal cruelty. This shit is REAL, and it is horrible. If you have ever seen how chicken nuggets are made you know how terribly these poor animals are treated. It's horrifying really. Baby chicks are burned and pulverized alive. Cows are forced to bear children then those babies are taken from them almost immediately as to not waste any of that "precious" milk. As a mother, I can't bear to think that these animals and their babies are tortured just so I can eat their flesh. It's disgusting. Where is our human dignity and love for all living things? If you've never read Skinny Bitch, you should. You can also find it on my resources page HERE.

3. Money, money, money! If you're not buying high quality beef, chicken, and fish then you are poisoning your family with toxins, antibiotics, and other chemicals. But if you only buy grass-fed, wild, and organic then you know how expensive that piece of flesh can be. Ditch it and save some mula. Fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, and legumes are all cheaper and a hell of a lot healthier.

And here's how to go veg, painlessly

1. Meatless Mondays. Don't get overwhelmed that you have to completely eliminate meat overnight. Start by planning at least one dinner per week without all that saturated fat (meat). There are TONS of cookbooks, recipes, and pins out there to help you find the perfect meal Follow me on Pinterest for amazing, yummy eats! Also, check out my recipe page. You'll see some meat on there too. That's because I find that forcing my beliefs on others does not change them. Although I often try :)

2. Experiment! This is the fun part! Take all those pins that you have been pinning for the last 6 months and actually make something! Get in the kitchen and throw a bunch of veggies and beans into a pot to make a delicious soup. Try new things, your family will thank you. Everyone is sick of that meatloaf already.

3. Crowd out. Crowd out all that flesh with other things that will fill you up. Meat lacks fiber, antioxidants, is full of saturated fats, and is acidic to your body. Try tofu, tempeh, beans, nuts, seeds, pastas, rice, and quinoa. Fill your plate with salad and a side of pasta. Focus on nutrient dense foods that will give you the nutrition that you need to feel good and be satiated. You won't even miss the meat!  Get creative and then share!

YOU CAN DO IT! We all want to know how you are incorporating these changes. Share your recipes with my wellness community on Facebook or in the comments below.

Did you know:

Fruitarians only eat fruit
Lacto-ovo-vegetarians eat dairy and eggsChickentarians only eat chicken
Lacto-vegetarians don't eat meat but eat all milk, cheese, and yogurt products
Breathatrians are people who only live on air.. and love. Go ahead, shake your head, I am.