Are you feeling unmotivated, emotional, or unworthy of your goals?



A 37 page eBook/workbook filled with everything you need to know to clear out your shit and realign yourself with success








  • What your deeply rooted blocks are
  • EXACTLY what holds you back from manifesting + living the life you want
  • Which of your chakras are blocked
  • How to change the energy within your chakras
  • Clear + cleanse your aura + chakras
  • Breakthrough processes for releasing and clearing negative energy
  • Spiritual + emotional ways to clean up your side of the street so the Universe can deliver
  • Clarity around your goals
  • Realigning yourself, emotionally, to the path of success
  • Realigning yourself, energetically, so you can manifest the fuck out of life
  • Learn how to raise your vibrations
  • How to take guided action
  • Enhancing your intuition
  • Asking your spirit guides and angels for help

Written by Danna Yahav


I am an intuitive soul coach, spiritual advisor, + healer. I specialize in coaching women around mindset and helping them get from STUCK to AMAZING.

Busting through blocks, using key strategies from spirituality, and transformational mindset work to clear the playing field for myself and my clients so that we can start manifesting the lives of their dreams! Because that’s our birthright.

I am going to share all of my transformational tricks with you!




No Prerequisites Required

Good news is that you don’t have to have any prior knowledge of chakras, spirituality, the mind body connection, or much else to read this eBook and benefit greatly.




All you need is faith in the process and a hunger for a better life. This was written with full explanations and easy to follow tricks, tips, processes, journal prompts, and meditations to just get you UNSTUCK. To get the energy moving in your body so that the Universe can help you RECEIVE what you want.




Who IS this eBook for?

  • YOU, who keeps asking yourself “How did I get here? I used to have goals, dreams, and ambitions. Now I am just tired and unmotivated.”
  • YOU, who just feels stuck in life doing things you hate.
  • YOU, who wants to feel good but doesn’t know how to anymore (without wine).
  • YOU, who wants to learn about all the New Age ish but doesn’t know where to start.
  • YOU, who believes you deserve more (a desire is good too- we’ll work on the deserving part later)
  • YOU, who is ready to try something different.
  • YOU, who is ready to un-fuck yourself and bust through what’s holding you back to a better life but need some guidance on how to do it.

Who is this eBook NOT for?

  • YOU, who is already achieving all of your goals and don’t really need assistance to be more and get more.
  • YOU, who doesn’t feel stuck in life (yay!)
  • YOU, who already feels great (and doesn’t need the wine to get there)
  • YOU, who already knows it all in the New Age and mindset space.
  • YOU, who is living the fucking life!
  • YOU, who doesn’t need to try anything new because what you are doing is working
  • YOU, who has no blocks and the abundance energy is flowing wild!

You CAN live the life you want!

I’m fucking doing it!




I will give you EVERYTHING (all the knowledge + practical magic) that has worked for me AND my clients.



All you have to do is apply it (yes, I’ll help guide you!)



And you’ll be well on your way to a successful, fulfilling, and happy future.











Because everyone loves extra shit!


  • Purchase your eBook by 11/11 and receive a free 45 minute 1:1 session with me to dive even deeper! You can schedule your session anytime by contacting me.
  • A super secret Facebook Group to bare your soul and find loving and supportive people to help guide you. I will also be there to work through the eBook with you and answer questions.
  • Downloadable meditations 
  • Constant updates. When I make updates to the eBook, you will receive the update FREE. That includes any bonuses I add.
  • LASTLY, 1/2 price session with me for whatever you need (Akashic Record Reading, Tarot Reading, Spiritual Clearing).



What are you waiting for?