Raising Your Vibrations

What does raising your vibrations even mean? Why do people keep saying that?

I’ll tell you what it means to me… it means raising your energy enough to sustain higher thoughts, beliefs, and a more positive outlook. It means choosing light over dark and clearing yourself enough to connect to higher spiritual beings rather than the lower spirits that are often around us.

When you successfully raise your vibrations and purify your thoughts, you close your energy field to all those spirits and vibrations that are lower than yours. Meaning, no one can you bring you down unless you consent to it and lower your vibrations enough to let them in. So I will share a few ways to raise your vibes below but let me also tell you how you lower your vibrations.

  • Negative thinking
  • self limiting beliefs
  • Going against your morals, values, or code of ethics
  • Not living your truth
  • Doing things you hate
  • Being with people who drain your energy or leech off of your energy
  • Not knowing how to protect – especially if you are an empath

If any of these resonated with you as things you may be doing then keep reading for tips to increase your vibes!

  • Prayer ( Prayer holds a high vibration of purity, humbleness, surrender, and love. Praying for yourself and others will help raise your vibrations)
  • Clearing and cleansing using various sprays, Palo Santo,  sage, or a spiritual clearing.
  • Creating an “I Am Awesome” list. Yeah that’s right, toot your own horn! Make a list of all of your accomplishments and just how special you really are.
  • Meditate – but even more than that, while you meditate picture yourself climbing up and energetic ladder and feel your energy rise with the ladder.
  • Call in your spirit guides, angels, or Ascended Masters to help raise your energy
  • Protect yourself using the Tube of Light prayer and imagining yourself in a protective bubble
  • Transmute negativity that is around you by invoking the violet flame ( you can find that invocation and several other useful prayers including the Tube of Light, here.)
  • Roses. Roses have the highest vibrations here on Earth (think love). Have roses around you, use rose essential oils, request a custom rose & sandalwood spray from me!
  • Give generously, and receive graciously. (This is one of my faves from Kyle Gray’s book “Raise your Vibration.”
  • Work with your chakras, clearing, cleansing, and realigning.
  • Affirmations – choose a few affirmations that resonate with you and repeat them 108 times using a mala. Every time you say the affirmation you touch a bead and continue until you reach the guru bead. Repeat for several days.
  • EFT – emotional freedom technique (also known as tapping) is a great way to work though your pains, difficulties, and anything holding you back. You can check You Tube for some great videos.

Where these helpful for you? Let me know by commenting here through Facebook or on my Facebook page!

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