A pendulum is a divination tool used to hone in on your divine wisdom or the wisdom of your spirit guides. I have been using pendulums for several years with great success. Here is what you need to know to get the most out of your pendulum. These spiritual tools are effective at giving yes or no answers when your questions are asked properly (see tips at the end for more on this). So how does this work? Well your higher self (or spirit guides if you choose to work with them) give your subconscious an imprint of the answer to your question. Your subconscious mind then sends tiny hand movements to your consciousness and your hand. That is how the pendulum will swing indicating a yes or no answer. Your emotions and how connected you are to the answer WILL sway the pendulum so it is very important to stay neutral and grounded during the questioning.

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1. Choose a pendulum that calls to you. Not all pendulums are created equal. When you browse through a selection of pendulums (either online or in the store) there will be certain ones that feel like they are calling to you. Maybe it’s their color, the stone, the length of the chain, or the dollar amount. Whatever it is, trust it.

2. Cleanse your pendulum. Pendulums (especially crystal ones) pick up a lot of energy. You need to cleanse it before you can charge it and make it your own. You can do this in a few different ways. If it is a crystal, you can spritz it with my Crystal Cleansing spray or you can bury it in a house plant or in the dirt outside for 24 hours. For any other pendulum (crystal or not) you can also run it through the smoke of a smudge stick.

3. Now that it is clear you can program your pendulum. Hold the pendulum in your hand and say the following:

” I call on my spirit guides, angels, and my higher self at this time. Please send white, divine light to this pendulum. I ask that this pendulum be bathed in this white light and that it reveal answers that are only for my highest good and the highest good of all. In love and in light. Thank you.”

4. Next hold your pendulum from the bead at the top or from the middle of the chain. Center and ground yourself keeping your emotions neutral. Ask your pendulum “Show me a yes” note which way it swings. Then say “thank you.” Ask it to show you a no, record how it swings, and give thanks. Lastly, ask for the pendulum to show you a “maybe” or a “it’s not the right time for this answer”, record that and give thanks.

5. Once you have established how your pendulum will give you answers, it’s time to practice. Ground and center yourself once again, being emotionally removed from the outcome (as to now sway the pendulum either way), now repeat:

“Beloved higher self (or spirit guides), I call on your guidance, support, and love at this time. I ask that the answers I receive be in truth, accuracy, and for the highest good of all involved. Thank you.”

6. Ask away! Start with simple questions like your name, favorite color, children, etc. Then you can move on to more pressing issues.

Additional Tips

  1. Some questions to ask: “Is my current job 100% aligned with my highest good?” “Will this course be beneficial for me in becoming a nurse?”
  2. Stay grounded and neutral. As I mentioned earlier, your emotions WILL sway the pendulum. It’s important to ground, meditate, take a few deep breaths or repeat the above prayer a few times before beginning.
  3. Do not ask something more than once. If you ask and you get the answer, trust it. Once you ask the same questions multiple times, you are sending the energy to your subconscious that you don’t trust this process. Trust the first answer you receive.
  4. If your pendulum refuses to swing you can rephrase your question (being less vague) or cleanse it and repeat the prayer in number 5.

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