This is a seriously delicious snack. I have to admit I have split this with my kids for the last few mornings as part of our breakfast. It's so good!! It’s really great when you are looking for a sweet comfort food.

- brown rice wraps (these are from Trader Joe's)
- any nut butter (this was almond butter)
- chopped bananas
- chia seeds (or any other superfood: hemp, flax, maca, cacao, carob chips, etc)
- dash cinnamon

1. Spread the nut butter on 2 pieces of tortilla
2. Slice banana and place on one tortilla.
3. Add chia and cinnamon.
4. Cover with the other tortilla and place in a pan on the stove top. Let it melt, caramelize, and brown a bit.
5. Flip after a few minutes and brown on the other side.
6. Cut into triangles with pizza cutter and enjoy!

Nut Butter QuesadillaNut Butter Quesadilla