My Spiritual Practice

I am kind of a little obsessed with people’s rituals, spiritual practices, and daily routines. It’s fascinating to hear what people find most important that they do it every day. I’ll tell you a little about mine (since you asked ;)) but first let me start by saying that this does NOT happen every single day. Some days I am too tired to wake up at 5:30 AM so I shorten my practice to suit my needs. But on a perfect day, my morning goes something like this…

  1. I start with my prayers (the ones that you can find in this free e-book). But I don’t just say them, I move through them. I use my breath and some super easy yoga moves to move through the words and really feel them in my body. I try to visualize as much as I can, especially the violet flame focusing on the intensity of the colors. Praying out loud is super powerful and the vibrations can really penetrate your being so I try to do this without waking anyone up.
  2. I clear, cleanse, and let go. Some days I smudge other days I use a cleansing spray to clear myself and my space. I really love using essential oils in my practice. They are practical, easy, and have SO many amazing benefits. My next blog post will detail some of my uses and the benefits so make sure you sign up for updates. Clearing in the morning is important for me as it sets the tone for my meditation and opens me up to receive.
  3. Meditation. Next I meditate. I love guided and visual meditations. I very rarely think about nothing. Meditation is a very private and personal ritual and everyone does it a bit different. I usually use meditation to connect to my guides or my higher self. When I have a tough time connecting, I’ll spray some essential oils or use a ritual body oil that I’ve created (these aren’t yet available in the store but will be soon). The essences of Frankincense, Sandalwood, Rose, Palo Santo and a few others, help raise my vibrations and put me into a place of peace ready to receive.
  4. After that, I journal. I write what I received in my meditation and anything else that is still downloading. Sometimes I write about what I have to do that day, week, month or anything else that may come to my mind. Journaling is such a great way to release EVERYTHING. One thing that I almost always recommend to my coaching clients is the Morning Pages by Julia Cameron. I will also pull some cards during this time and see what else comes up for me, and write about that as well.

If I do have time left (which is rare), I will read or pull some tarot cards. Right now I am reading St. Germain on Alchemy.

So that’s me! Now I’d love to hear what you do daily, weekly, or whatever! Sign in with Facebook and comment below. Or just head over my Facebook Page and share!

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