Manifest your resolutions into reality

Happy New Year’s Eve!! WOOO.. I can’t believe 2015 is so close. This year went by as fast as those Fast & Furious sequels come out. (That’s fast!)

So you are probably knee deep in year end shit. Trying to think of resolutions, deciding whether you accomplished everything you wanted to in 2014, and making some last minute IRA contributions.

Regardless of your resolution (although I hope it’s to look better naked or meet Channing Tatum), you have infinite power to make anything happen in your life.

I’m sure you’ve heard of manifesting and maybe even tried it, but chances are you are doing something wrong. So here are my 5 tips to manifesting your resolution into reality.

  1. Be clear. What do you really want? Are you clear on what it is? Are you clear on why you want it? Most people don’t actually know what they want and if they do “pick something” they waver on it. You can’t go back and forth between a red car and a pink one. Just pick ONE. Otherwise you are sending mixed messages to the Universe.
  2. Believe. Wayne Dyer says, “When you believe it you will see it”. #truth You have to believe that everything and anything is possible. Go read some poor-to-riches stories online, browse manifestation books at the store, or just talk to some enlightened friends (ME) and you will see that anything truly is possible when you believe. You really can’t afford to NOT have faith in yourself or the Universe.
  3. Let go. Once you’ve made your request and truly believe it is possible (start with something small), let it go. Stop stressing. But continue focusing. Feel the feelings of having it and live your life as if you have it, will get it, expect it. It’s a done deal. You’ve ordered it and it will come. So stop freaking out and enjoy the process.
  4. Take guided action. If all of a sudden you feel an urge to call your friend, do it. If you feel a sense of urgency to turn on the computer, do it. What you find may lead you close to your goal.
  5. Give thanks. Be grateful for what you have now and what the Universe is bringing your way, or has already. Evoking those feelings of thanks will bring more reasons to be grateful. That is a promise.

Try it. What do you have to lose? Share your results here.

Here is an excellent book I highly recommend for anyone wanting to learn more about manifestation and how our energy affects everything around us.

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