Why you can’t lose weight

Before and after a diet, girl is happy by achievement

I get this a lot.  "I can't lose weight, I don't understand. I've tried everything! I eat clean and train main, WTF?!"

Here is my advice to that:

1.  You are NOT eating clean. Many people thing their diet is clean but they are sneaking in the bad shit between meals in and in small quantities at a time.Keep a food journal and make sure that you really are keeping your diet free of processed and packaged foods. Something else to look for is the devil himself.

Several types of white sugar - refined sugar and granulated suga






YUP, that guy. SUGAR. That jerk lurks and hides in almost everything! Make sure you are keeping sugar to a minimum. It really packs on the fat without you even noticing by increasing insulin (the fast storage hormone).

2. You're a ball of nerves. Just like sugar increases insulin, stress increases cortisol. When your body releases cortisol because you're a stressed out Sally, it doesn't work on digestion only trying to maintain harmony in the body. Enter, fat and more fat. You can chill out in multiple ways.  Meditation, yoga, exercise, breathing exercises, SLEEP,  reading, etc. Find what works for you and do it often.

Hand Of  Woman Meditating In A Yoga Pose On Beach







3. You don't move your hot buns.Sure, you can lose weight without working out, but you're probably going to hit a plateau that way. I know it can be hard to get your butt of the coach and onto the treadmill. So don't do that. Pick a workout that will work for you. Something that YOU love. I love Bodyrock and high intensity interval training. Not just for the sexy videos and provocative pictures but also for the actual workout! If thinking about burning calories doesn't motivate you, use something else. Exercise helps ensure your body is working at its best. It helps with digestion, mood, blood circulation, and detoxification. But if you don't give a shit about any of that stuff either, what about building strength? Become a strong woman who can conquer the world.

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