Just ask your intuition…

How do you make a decision using your intuition?

What even is intuition? What is all of this New Age hype about looking deep within? Well, let me help you understand intuition a little better.

Let’s start with, we all have it. It’s like little spark within you that knows all of the answers. Your intuition/higher self/ I AM Presence/ your ing. Call it what you want but it’s all the same. It’s mother’s intuition, it’s the gut feeling you get, it’s the quiet voice that tells you to turn right instead of left. We’ve all experienced it in one way or another. Sometimes we pick up vibes off of other people and immediately know if we like them or not. This is intuition. You are using your inner guidance system to pull information whether you know it consciously or not.

Let’s talk about developing your intuition through making decisions. EVERYONE has made a decision in their lives so you can definitely relate to this. You’re deciding between partners, jobs, cities to live in, or jeans to wear. Whatever the decision may be,  start using your intuition to make those decisions. You see, the more you tap into that inner knowing the clearer it will be and the louder it will get.

So let’s try some exercises that I’ve personally used when it comes to decision making (because let me be honest, I am hella indecisive!). I love these because they al have to do with out body’s reactions. I tell people this all time, your body will not lie to you!

I am going to use this issue: should I move to California ?

  1. Muscle testing. Touch both index fingers to both thumbs (same hand) and then latch one hand with the other. Follow the picture below. Intertwine your fingers like mine and think about your question. Now say out loud ” yes, I should move to Cali” and try to pull your fingers apart. Did they come apart easily? Now do the same thing for the other side of the question. Whichever answer was easier to pull apart, is the no. If your fingers stayed tight and closed, then your body feels confident with this decision.

    muscle testing

  2. Visualization. Try this exercise after you have raised your vibrations and are going into a meditative state. So for me I would ask “Should I move to California” while I am meditating. Then I would envision two paths. One is ‘yes” and one is “no”. I begin to walk the ‘yes’ path. As I am walking, I am witnessing everything that is around me. The path itself, the trees, plants, flowers, buildings, the time of day, the colors, the people, etc. Are these even present? Maybe not. I then go back to the start and do the same for the ‘no’ path. What is on this path? How does it feel? Do you feel constricted or expansive on this path? Write down what you get and then review.
  3. Pendulum. Another tool to try is using a pendulum. The way a pendulum works is that it uses information from your higher self and subconscious mind and send it to your conscious mind through small movements in your wrist (which moves the pendulum). The most effective way to get straight answers using a pendulum is to ensure that you are objective and partial with no emotions involved. Because your emotions WILL sway the pendulum. You can learn more about pendulums by reading this post I wrote and you can purchase one that I personally made here.

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