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One of the most important aspects of a weight loss, healthy living journey is often the one that is overlooked the most. That is, having a support system. Organizing your recipes, preparing your meals, and maintaining your willpower are all really important, and crucial even, to successfully reaching your wellness goals. But when you come home and your spouse has prepared a beautiful meal from McDonald’s, it’s hard to resist. Or when your friends are offering to take your out to a wonderfully fattening restaurant for your birthday, how are you to say no???

That is precisely why you need to build a support system. Share your goals with those around you and ask for support. People are initially resistant to change, we are creatures of habit. But, once your friends and family realize that you are committed to getting healthy, they will surely be on board! And those that aren’t, well there will always be those. Try to put some space between you and those people at least for the time being. You can’t afford sabotage at any level. Those who love you will support you in any way you need. Lastly, another valuable aspect to sharing your goals with a support system is that they will hold you accountable and celebrate little success with you as well. Don’t underestimate the power of a support person.

Here’s what you should do next. Pin point your support system. Share your goals and ask for help. Head over to my Facebook page which will serve as a support system for you. Lastly, share your goals with me in the comments below or e-mail me and I will respond with encouragement and support. Since you are part of my wellness junkie movement, I will always have your back.

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