It is neither good nor bad

Attitude sphere

I'm sure you have realized from previous posts that I am totally into the law of attraction, quantum physics, energy, and spirituality.

I am also a self proclaimed self-help junkie! I love me some self-help books. Some of my favorite easy-to-read books are by Greg Kuhn "the law of attraction science guy". He has a way of explaining quantum physics in a way that makes it easy to understand and apply.

I recently read his e-book "Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Suffer". What he explains is both simple and profound.

Stop being the judge in your life. Stop assessing the value of your situations. Just accept it. By accepting and not judging whether something is good or bad (because who gets to decide that anyway), you are leaving room for the Universe to step in and provide you with experiences far beyond any beliefs you may have.

I recommend downloading this short book from Amazon to really grasp the concept. But here is my take away...

"What I experience is neither good nor bad. It just is".  Gargle that in your mouth (and mind) for a while.