How to tap into the Akashic Records

I recently did a class on the Akashic Records. I covered:

  1. my own training
  2. what the records are
  3. why the Akashic Records are important
  4. the information that can be found in the records
  5. how to heal yourself within the records
  6. how to tap into your own records through meditation (yes, I walk you through it!)
  7. the wealth of information that I cover in my readings
  8. how I do my readings
  9. and MORE!

So instead of typing up my whole class, because let’s be honest, you don’t have time to read all of that, you can download the audio of the class below!

Download the audio HERE

To book an Akashic Record reading with me, click HERE.

I encourage you to ask any questions that you may have about the process, how I do my readings, or how you can find specific information. You can do that by commenting below or by catching me on Facebook or via e-mail (

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