HOW TO: New Moon Ritual

This cycle’s new moon is on Thursday October 19th at 3:12PM (ET). This new moon in Libra brings calm and harmony. This is a good time to connect with people, go out with friends, and work on relationships.

Typically, new moons are all about declaring your intentions and the things that you want to manifest. It’s all about starting anew and creating good habits to move you closer toward your goals. This new moon in Libra is perfect to manifest a new relationship or begin working on a broken one. Remember, you cannot change, fix, or manifest anyone of anything without first doing the inner work. Another energy this moon brings is one of self care, beauty, and confidence. Let’s use that to start our ritual.

  1. Choose a self-care ritual from the list below (many people like to collect sacred objects for the rituals and that’s totally cool – smduge, hold crystals, light candles, meditate, pray, chant – do whatever you need to, to get you into the mood!)- an epsom salt bath with candles, dim lighting, and some sparkling water
    – a massage
    – a mani/pedi
    – a restorative yoga class
    – salon blow dry/hair cut/ or deep conditioning treatment
  2. While treating yourself to whatever your self care task is, take a few moments to center yourself. Pull the cosmic energy from above your head down to your third chakra (solar plexus located above the belly button). Now pull Earth energy from below your feet into the third chakra as well. Lastly, pull sun energy horizontally into your third chakra. Merge the three and feel how centered, grounded, and calm you are in this moment.
  3.  From there, place your dominant hand on your heart chakra and ask yourself, “What do I want?” What do you want to bring into your reality? What are you ready to change? What are you willing to do some work with to make it happen? Declare this intention with power and force. Don’t make declarations for the things that you DO NOT want (we save that for the full moon) but declare what you do want:I DECLARE THAT I WILL BRING AN EXTRA $50,000 IN THIS YEAR
  4. Let yourself be in the moment of having this or adding this to your life. Feel how good it feels to be really in it. Feel it as though you already have it. As though there is no doubt in your mind that you can achieve it., have it, be it. That you are fucking unstoppable!
  5. Now that you have declared what you wish to bring into fruition this month, the Universe will be hard at work behind the scenes making shit happen for you. But don’t just it there and wait! Connect with your intentions and feelings of joy DAILY. Act on them because the Universe WILL be sending you guided actions to complete. You just have to listen and make a move or decision that will push you closer to what you want.


Manifesting can be done all month long. And you will hear me talk about it A LOT. Mostly because I am obsessed with the law of attraction but also because I know it works. Just as the moon affects the ocean, it affects us humans as well. The moon phases change the vibrations and frequencies of energies here on Earth. Whether you believe it or not, I promise that when you start living cyclically with the moon and nature, you will be more aligned and the things you want will come to you more effortlessly. So let’s manifest beautiful things this week with the new moon and really embody her energies into our beings and rituals.

You can use this layout here to create your own new moon rituals each month. I have an awesome little app called “Deluxe Moon” and it tells me ALL about the moon phases and what they mean depending on the sign. Download it and start aligning to the moon!

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