Some excitement in the kitchen

I am adding some excitement to my life! In the form of new dinners!

Every week, I sit down and figure out what I am going to cook that week. I've spoken about this in a previous post but wanted to tell you what I was up to this week and invite you to join me.  Last week, I found myself snacking (on sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts) instead of eating dinner. I was just so bored of the brown rice, frozen veggie mix, chickpeas, and even quinoa (EEK... I said it). All healthy and delicious, but I'm over it. With the changes of the seasons, we tend to naturally drift away from the warming, building foods that we fill up on in Winter. So, I decided to eat seasonally and welcome some Spring meals into my life.  I took out Terry Walter's Clean Food cookbook (see below for Amazon affiliate link) and looked up Spring recipes. Just browsing through this beautiful cookbook gave me the inspiration to eat more interesting, diverse, and healthy foods. Had I been looking through Paula Deen's books (which I don't even own...just sayin') I may have been inspired to make something fatty, greasy, and unhealthy. The point I am trying to make is that when you surround yourself with healthy options, you will make healthy choices (books and foods).

fennel, olives, artichoke penne

Here's what I was inspired to make this week (from Terry's book):

  1. Artichokes, fennel, & olives over penne (pictured above)
  2. Swiss chard, roasted beets, & sweet peas over couscous
  3. Lentil salad with lemon, radishes, and cilantro
  4. Millet black bean patties with corn & salsa



Does this sound delicious or what? Maybe this is too "out-there" for you, but you have the world at your fingerprints to create your own colorful, delicious menu. Go to Pinterest, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or your own book shelf and browse for something different, something you've never tried before, something exciting!

Here is your challenge for this week: make a recipe with a veggie you've never tried before! And then come back here and comment with your recipe. We could all use a little excitement in our kitchens (and bellies)!

Get cookin', good lookin'!

P.S. - buying & eating seasonally is easier on the digestive system and the wallet!
P.P.S. - figuring out what you're going to make for the week ahead and then creating your shopping list from that will save you a ton of time and energy later. Stick to your list and you will save $$ at the store too.