November 25, 2017: Shop Small @ Nourishing Storm! Join me and other artisans for a fun day of shopping, munching, and crafting! I will be selling gift bundles of sage, palo santo, + crystals, as well as my sprays, my workbook, and doing some short readings as well.


December 4,11,18 2017: Explore your Personal Akashic Records: Intensive 3 part workshop @ The Being One Center.

  • Price: $175.00 /per person

  • The Being One Center invites you to join us for an intensive three part course Exploring your Personal Akashic Records with Danna Yahav.  The Akashic Records are an immense energetic database containing  the soul information for every incarnation. Within this record every thought, emotion, feeling, lesson and journey is documented. Everything your soul has ever experienced since its inception is within this record.  For many years the Akashic Records were considered to be a mystical secret in which only a select few could access the information. Since the veil has been lifted this information is now more accessible to anyone looking to learn their soul truths and advance their spiritual purpose.

    In this three part intensive course Exploring your personal Akashic Records Danna will individually research your Akashic Record and then teach you how to do the same through various exercises. Below you will find a more expansive explanation of each course day.

    Class One:
    After having read your record ahead of time Danna will provide you information on your main energy training, soul purpose, and soul strengths. With this information you will dive deep into your own records in meditation to extract even more information on how to step into your own power and align yourself powerfully with your strengths and gifts.

    Class Two:

    In class two we will discuss past lives and planets of incarnation. Danna will provide the information from your records and allow you to further research and learn more on your own with a discussion after.

    Class Three:

    The final class will be about life lessons, relationships, and tips for continuing your Akashic Record journey. We will discuss how your life lessons are showing up, how you can clear out karma associated with life lessons and relationships. Lastly, Danna will provide tips on how to incorporate your records into everyday life.

    To participate in this class you must pre-register and pay to reserve your spot. Space is incredibly limited to only 5 students to allow for a through and in-depth exploration of each person’s records. This course is not considered an in-house event and will not be covered under membership.