Ego v. Intuition

You hear people saying “Oh that’s just your ego. Don’t let your ego control you. You can’t live from your ego. Your ego is a big fat liar.” But is that true? And what exactly is the ego?

“The ego is the voice of dissatisfaction and attachment inside my mind.” -James McCrae

Let’s go back to caveman days. The days when you NEEDED something to spark the survival instincts within you and warn you of danger. So that you could avoid the bear, avalanche, or whatever was thrown your way. That’s the ego. The ego care about one things, and one thing only. Survival. Your ego, is concerned with keeping you safe, physically and emotionally. That’s why you sometimes find yourself questioning yourself, your talents, whether you are good enough, or have trouble stepping outside of your comfort zone. Because the ego is trying to keep you safe and that safety is in the comfort zone. So let’s take a minute right here to thank the ego for keeping us safe.

The ego reacts, the ego attaches, the ego is all mental, and you are NOT your ego. Plain and simple the ego loves fear and it loves to keep you paralyzed there.

Now that you know the ego’s true role you can politely tell it to fuck off. And instead, ask your higher self to step in. What is your higher self? Your higher self is the accumulation of all of your life experiences and incarnations. Your higher self is where you intuition comes from, it is the all-knowing, loving presence that always wants the best for you, because it is YOU.

Your higher self is the highest and greatest version of you that you are able to channel while in your physical body. The intuition is the bridge between the higher self and your consciousness. It is the language of the higher self, if you will.

So how can you decipher between the two?

  1. Each one speaks differently. Learn to listen and distinguish their voice, the words they use, how they make you feel. If I had to guess I would say that your higher self would make you feel way better than the ego. That the higher self would help you CREATE rather than just react.
  2. Try to sense where this voice is coming from. For instance, my higher self speaks to me in my left ear. I feel pressure and then the guidance that I receive is empowering but doesn’t put others down in the process. Where is your higher self or ego speaking to you from?
  3. Name that puppy! Give your ego a name. See him/her in your mind’s eye. What do they look like? What are they wearing? When you name the puppy, you create a more intimate relationship. Next time you ego speaks too loudly, you can visualize yourself turning to him and saying, “Frank! Shut up!” That visual is enough to make him quiet down.
  4. Put your hand on your heart right now and take a few deep, cleansing breaths. Ask to connect to your higher self. Ask for guidance that is loving and for your highest good.
  5. Use a pendulum! In the new Higher Vibe Spiritual Tribe membership site you will find an amazing attunement for your pendulum so that it only relays information from your higher self. If you can do this yourself, AWESOME! Just make sure you understand basic pendulum do’s and don’ts.

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