3 ways to ignite your divine feminine goddess

Femininity has been skewed by the media. Young girls believe they are only beautiful  and lovable if they look like a Kardashian sister. We are constantly judged for our bodies not our minds or hearts. There comes a time in our lives where we can finally acknowledge that what other people think of us is not our problem and really has nothing to do with us. Our perception of ourselves is what is important. It affects us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Real beauty, femininity, and goddess power comes from way within. It comes from the spark in your soul. From the only light that shines during those dark, dark nights. So how do you really tap into that divine goddess magic? Here are a few ways that you can begin stepping into your true goddess self.

  1. Live authentically. Live your passions. Do what lights you. A key question to ask yourself is: If money and time were no object what would I do? Let yourself daydream about your life. Then ask yourself, how can I bring pieces of that into my life right now ? Read more? Go to the beach more ? Love more? Start writing that book. Make your passions part of your everyday life. It will light you up for all to see. And for you to feel. When you love what you do and do what you love it radiates through you physically and emotionally. You will be centered and in your own power.
  2.  Boldly declutter. Get rid of old love letters and all of those limiting beliefs you’re holding on to. Yes, you are good enough. No, you don’t need him to be happy. You are powerful, amazing, magical, and a feminine goddess. Get rid of everything in your life that doesn’t support that part of you. Clean your underwear drawer and buy only feminine, lovely pieces for yourself. Get rid of anything in your life that feel dingy, non-goddess like, or just plain yuck. Upgrade your physical and your emotional in this way. You are a goddess and need to start living like one.
  3. Let yourself shine. Give yourself permission to step into you light and bask there. Accept compliments, drinks, and kind words. Stop responding by putting yourself down in an effort to bring others up or deflect the compliments. Accept it. Soak it up. Instead of body shaming, love yourself for all of your amazing qualities. Get naked and stand in front of the mirror, tell yourself EVERYTHING that you love about YOU. It may feel a little uncomfortable at first but don’t give up. Do this for at least one week, choosing different qualities to compliment yourself on each day. In a society where self hate is so prevalent, dare to be different. Dare to be authentic and true to your divine goddess. You are love, beauty, and grace just as you are.


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