Combating Anxiety 

Anxiety is something almost everyone has suffered from before. It hits the old and the young. Anxiety can really be debilitating and couples with depression it can be unbearable.

When it comes to spirituality and metaphysics, the consensus on anxiety is that it is human made and whatever you are anxious about is not important in the spiritual world. Only love matters and if you look for the good over the bad you will find it. It is about training the mind and using the laws of the universe to change your perspective and reduce the anxiety. We are to trust God, our angels, and spirit guides to work through us clearing and healing our human minds and tendencies.

But let me be honest, that shit is HARD! Especially when we have been conditioned since babies to have these human thoughts, desires, worries, anxieties. My goal for my clients when it comes to anxiety it so lessen the load and pressure, teach them daily actions and tricks, and be able to get them out of this debilitating mindset even for just one moment. Because if you are able to choose a new mindset even for a moment, you are beginning to require your brain and create different neural pathways for success and change.

So here are some tips and tricks to help you reframe and re wire your brain and begin to just feel better.

– EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique – also known as tapping) this is extremely powerful and is serioulsy my new jam! I’ve been using it all over the place. The jist is that you tap on different points of your body’s meridians to unblock energy and introduce new better emotions to the subconscious mind. Here is some more info and some videos.

– Meditation + breathing exercises. I know everyone talks about meditation but trust me if you haven’t tried it, it really is life changing. Instead of trying to quiet the mind try looking up creative visualizations around manifesting or relaxing. Take a journey into the life of your dreams in your meditation and live out what a perfect day would be like for you. The breath is also super powerful and spending time deliberately breathing into your body and the places where you hold onto tension can also be very powerful.

– working on healing your limiting beliefs about yourself. I do this with my clients using Byron Katie’s The Work. Download the belief worksheet or the ‘judge your neighbor’ worksheet to start uncovering the truths of your limiting beliefs and anxieties and re-framing. 

– gratitude journal. Naming the things that you are grateful for each and every day can really help ease your mind and put you in a place of love rather than fear. It also raises your vibrations and allows higher vibrations to enter your field and align with you rather than the lower vibes. Lower spirits will also not be able to affect you. Along with this is also making a list of all of your accomplishments and everything that you love in yourself. Name all the ways you are amazing!

-Listening to high vibe music, podcasts, audio books, or videos is also a great way to increase the positivity in your life and reduce the anxiety. I do this ALL the time!

– Affirmations + Afformations. “Just for this moment, all is good”. “I am safe right now” Afformations (turning your affirmation into a question to make your brain search for answers)- “I feel great today. What is making me feel so good right now?” “Wow, I feel so relaxed, why?” Try doing these in wonder woman pose or in front of the mirror!

I hope this was helpful. And if it was, let me know in the comments!

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