Busting through those blocks

No matter how well you are doing and for how long, something always shows up. Whether it’s as big as a getting hit by a bus or as small as a toe stub, it is sure rattle you at least a bit. And then 2 days go by, 3 weeks, a whole month and you STILL have no meditated or gone back to the gym. What’s up with that? Why can’t you just find that man you’re looking for? It’s probably a block you’ve unconsciously created or have been pulling around with you for quite some time.

  1. Get an all-around spiritual clearing. This gets rid of all junk in your auric field, realigns your chakras, gives them a boost, cuts cords, and so so much more. You can read more about spiritual clearings here.
  2. Pin-point the issue. What are you unable to do? What goal are you having a hard time achieving? How badly do you want it? Do you still even want it? Are you even trying? Like, really trying?
  3. Identify what’s stopping you. Here’s when you’ll either need a therapist, soul coach (ahem), or an afternoon with your journal. Write down or talk about where this block could be stemming from. Here are some things to think about: your childhood, your parents, outdated beliefs, comparing yourself to others, judgement of yourself, feeling like you’re not good enough, thinking you don’t deserve love or success, not really understanding who you are and what you want.
  4. Go deeper. Now that those notes and pick out just a few and go WAY deeper with them. Ask yourself this question: WHY? Why do I feel unworthy? WHY am I mad at my parents? Then ask yourself, WHAT ELSE? When you’ve finally located the root cause go onto step 5.
  5. Find it in your body. Where do you feel it in your body? When you think of that root cause of your block, where do you feel it? Which chakra? Is it in your gut? Maybe in your heart? Shoulder?
  6. Clear and heal. If it’s unbearable, focus on clearing that pain in the body with white light and the breath. As for the underlying emotional cause of the block, you can continue to write out your feelings about the situation, DUMP it all out.  You can try EFT (this video on not being good enough is great!). Talk to a therapist or a soul coach. Practice forgiveness (for yourself and others). One of my favorite forgiveness prayers which you can also find in my free e-book is “I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.”
  7. Pat yourself on the back. Phew! That was hard. You had to dig deep into your soul. But you did it. Now you are on your way to recovery and to healing and to manifesting your soul’s desire. Note, that many times our blocks are NOT easy fixes. We will certainly have to work on it. But every time you work on it you will see results and that’s what it’s all about. Progress.

I hope you found this helpful. Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or comments. (dannayahav at gmail dot com)


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