Ah...breakfast. It's personally my favorite meal. However, I don't usually eat breakfast. I just like to have breakfast foods for lunch or dinner. I know, I know, many experts say that you HAVE to eat breakfast. And many people should. However, I have found that if I BREAK my FAST slowly and gradually, I have less cravings and am able to maintain my energy better. I start with water. Then I go to coffee (very acidic I know, I am not ready to give up this vice yet), then I will try to go for warm water with a lemon, green juice, tea, and or smoothie. A few hours later I may have a KIND bar or avocado toast depending on the day and my work schedule. That being said, I acknowledge the fact that everyone is different and you should do what feels good to you. Ok, nuff chatter, here are some breakfast recipes.

SMOOTHIE & JUICE recipes...these make great breakfasts!!

Easy Vegan French Toast

Lentil Walnut Scones

Nut Butter + Banana Quesadillas

Oatmeal & Cacao - A Calming Breakfast

Strawberry Chia Pudding

Sweet Morning Quinoa

Tofu Scramble