I Did an Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse

In the video below I am going to talk about the 4-5 dayAyurvedic spring cleanse that I participated in. The purpose was to reignite my digestive fire and cleanse my body of toxins. Not sure either one happened but I did have more energy by the last day!

Ayurveda is a 5000 year old healing system. Think about it as the eating laws for Yoga. The two go hand in hand. The golden rule in Ayurveda is that "Like increases like, and opposites cure." If you are feeling cold, eating ice cream will only make you feel colder. However, if you eat soup, you will be warmer. Makes sense right? That's why I like Auyrveda, it's logical. I also like the recommendations for balance based on each person's Dosha. There are 3 Doshas, or constitutions, and once you figure out which you are (or fall closest to), you can follow the guidelines for that Dosha to create balance and harmony in your body. Here is a link to a quiz where you can figure out which Dosha you are (Vata, Pitta, or Kapha). The Dosha Quiz.

I am a Vata, for instance. As a Vata I am typically cold, dry, with scattered thoughts...pretty accurate! Therefore I should avoid cold and spicy foods. I favor warm well cooked foods, sweets, a consistent lifestyle, etc. I found most of these to be accurate and will be using this as a guideline in the future. Ok enough chitity-chat, here's the video:

As promised, here is the link to the oil pulling POST I recently wrote.
Want o make your own Kichari? It really is good, filling, and nutritious. Here is the RECIPE.

Now I want to know about any cleanses you have done and your thoughts on it. Too restrictive? Did it work? Didn't have good experiences? No worries, my special anti-cleanse cleanse is coming!

P.S. - I have to give credit to Lynn Roberts from Banyan Yoga & Ayurveda and Down Dog Healing Cafe in the Philly area for hosting this cleanse!