Are your adrenals fatigued?


Your adrenal glands are responsible for regulating the body's response to stress (through cortisol and catecholamines). Adrenal fatigue is when your adrenals can't quite keep up with the stress levels in the body and operate at low levels.

What causes your adrenal fatigue?
too much coffee.too much stress.
not enough sleep.
poor diet.
physical or emotional crisis.

What are some symptoms?
tired but wired.
poor sleep.
dark circles under eyes.
cravings for salt, carbs, sugar.
low blood sugar and blood pressure.
muscle twitches.
dry, unhealthy skin.
mood swings.
easily irritated.

Just to name a few.

So what do you do if you think you got a case adrenal fatigue?
- SLEEP - atleast 8 hours of quality sleep
- reduce caffeine! Yeah, I said it! Pick an alternative like teecino and give those poor adrenals a rest.

- eat clean, whole foods and reduce sugar and processed carbs.

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