What is an Akashic Record reading?

The Akashic Records are an immense energetic database where every soul ever “born” has a record. The human energy body is continually transmitting information to the records in the form of what we say, feel, think, and do. Some of the most fascinating information can be found in the records. This includes: previous incarnations, life between incarnations, future incarnations, the life lessons that we have chosen for ourselves, our soul’s gifts, life purpose, soul training, and more. The information contained in the Records is the deepest level of information about a person.

How can an Akashic Record reading help me?

If you have ever wondered “Who am I?” “What is my purpose on planet Earth?” “What am I learning by being here?” “What am I here to do/bring?” then this sort of reading is right for you. This is high vibrational information that really helps a person focus in and leverage their strengths. Stop spending countless days, months, and years in a dead end job that isn't right for you. Find out what IS right for you and your soul. If each of us knew what we should be doing (according to our soul record) we would live happier, more fulfilling lives. Another aspect of this reading that many people find helpful is that of life lessons. Do you ever ask yourself "Why am I constantly being faced with these difficult experiences?" There is a reason. I can help you understand it what your soul contacted to learn (and teach).

More specifically, here is what I will cover in your reading:

  • Energy center of training (soul training in the records. Tells us what drives your souls and what you may bring to others in this lifetime. (i.e. being trained in the heart chakra energy center may indicate you have a drive to heal others).
  • Soul trainings (what you have been busy doing between incarnations)
  • Soul group of origin
  • Primary and secondary life lessons for this lifetime. This is interesting information because it often validates why you are attracted to certain situations in your life; why certain events/people/emotions keep showing up and how they fit into your soul’s path.
  • The roles that you fulfill in this lifetime and other soul gifts (such as healer, communicator, intuitive, relater, learner, etc.)
  • The periods in history which you have previously incarnated (these are the incarnations in which you have experienced the most growth in)
  • Any spiritual/religious traditions that have been a part of your soul’s path
  • Your strongest intuitive and empathetic gifts at the moment

The cost of the reading is $125. As a referral, you receive this reading at a DEEP discount of $65That includes a lengthy PDF of your soul record, follow up questions, and e-mail support from me.

I offer E-MAIL or PHONE/SKYPE readings. Both will include a PDF with the pertinent information. If you choose an e-mail reading, you are still welcomed to ask questions after. Any specific questions that will require me to go back into your record will incur a follow up charge.

Once you have paid for your reading (by clicking the button below), I will e-mail you to set up an appointment, gather your information (name, date of birth, place of birth, picture), and ask if you have any specific questions that you would like researched within your soul record.