long story short…



I am an intuitive mom of 2, wife, a spiritual seeker, wanderer, and teacher. I fucking love all things New Age, mystical, spiritual, and magical. I practice what I preach daily and am constantly soaking up new info so that I can use to improve my life and those of my clients’. I am really passionate about improving my clients’ lives through Tarot, healing, clearing, cleansing, advising, and coaching.







short story long…


I never really knew where I belonged in my life and always found myself searching. Coming to America at the tender age of 8, I often found it difficult to belong and be like everyone else. I was always just a bit different and that didn’t change through elementary school, high school, and then college. I skipped around from fashion school to studying education, business, and finally accounting. I was an accountant for 8 years and then a health coach for several more. I found myself working at my family’s sign shop when my Saturn return rocked my whole world.

As typical of Saturn Returns, it tested me on everything I thought I knew. Being a self-help junkie, avid non-fiction reader, and passionate about learning new things; I had worked on manifesting, meditating, yoga, changing my perspective, and so much more since I was 18!. Yet I was still missing a piece of the puzzle and so as I turned 30 (Saturn Return), I became depressed, anxious, lonely, confused, unmotivated, and unfulfilled.




My intuition led me to a spiritual center in my community. It was then, that I knew I had finally found my truth. I began to study and practice Spiritism and Spirituality faithfully. I started to learn about who I really was through past life work, the Akashic Records, Tarot cards, psychic work, mediumship work, and all things woo-woo. Accepting my spiritual gifts meant that I finally found my place here on Earth. I finally knew what my soul purpose was and it made me come alive. And with that I began to rise out of the ashes, creating a fire within me. I became passionate about helping others awaken to their gifts and change their perspectives on life as they know it. I had found practical ways to create magic every damn day and that brought me freedom and a spiritual connection that I didn’t even know I longed for. Doors opened and opportunities were presented to me everywhere I looked now that I was on my path. Now I am lucky enough to teach, counsel, advice, and heal others with the many tools I have gathered and the ones I have brought with me from past lives. I am truly living my purpose. I know that because of how I feel when I am doing it. I know that because the universe sends me signs all the time. I know that because when you come from a place of healing, love, and compassion, you can’t go wrong.





Listen my friend, I want you to know that I am not perfect, no human is. And anyone that tells you that they have done all the learning and growing that they can is a liar (because they wouldn’t be on Earth). I’d love to tell you that everything in my life is perfect now and I feel great all of the time but that would be bullshit. We are all human, living out our karma on Earth. We are all being tested, growing, evolving, and learning our lessons. Yes, my perspective on life has changed dramatically and that will stay with me forever. And yes, I have SO many tools at my disposal to change any situation. I use forgiveness and compassion more often and I pray and bless others instead of spewing hate. But it’s not always easy and I still have more healing to do. We all do. The key is to start somewhere. My hope for you is that you take my story as proof that you CAN change. But you have to start. So why not start now?
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