A new training series + my transformation

I am so excited to announce that I have begun my 4 video series to teach others how to use real, whole foods to heal their lives, lose weight, and become healthier!

Every few days I will be releasing a new video with more information and valuable content for those looking to get healthy, lose weight, have more energy, etc. I am passionate about this because I went through my own transformation after having my baby girl. I found myself really stuck at losing the last 10 pounds! With no where left to go, after trying many fad diets, I decided there was a healthier and better way to lose the weight and feel good again. I turned to whole, unprocessed foods, and reduced my sugar intake. Within 2 months, I was down the 10 pounds and feeling better than ever! I ate really well and did high intensity interval training 3 days per week for only 12 minutes! And this was only on the days that I had time. I have maintained my weight loss because I continue to eat healthy meals every day. However, I must also disclose that I am a firm believer in enjoying life! That means that I do indulge in ice-cream, alcohol, birthday cake, and pizza from time to time. But I know my limits and I recognize what my body cannot handle.

So what do you say? Are you ready for your weight loss transformation? Jump on the bandwagon and watch my video series HERE.

transform 2



These may look like small changes to the naked eye, but it was actually 10 pounds (lost from other places than my belly!

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