2015 is upon us. Will this year be different?

Looking great naked isn't just about your sexy bod.

It's about radiating confidence.


Whether you are at work, out with your man, or dancing your ass off with the girls, one thing's for sure... you want to be naked. Wait, what? No, no. You want to feel and radiate sexiness...so you could get naked, if you wanted to. I don't judge.


I know you've managed to work out once or twice (this year) and avoid those office cookies.
You've felt the success and pride of losing a few pounds.
And maybe you've even slithered into those too-skinny-jeans from college.
But here's the problem.
Your commitment wavers, and that's just not you.
You are loyal, sexy, and beautiful.
It's time your entire self reflected that, from the inside out.
What you need is a game plan.

Introducing 30 Days to Looking Your Best Naked

A 4 week virtual (and phone based) group course for real women who are just trying to look and feel good naked for God's sake. That's not too much to ask for, by the way. It's for women who are ready to learn how to feel and look like a Victoria's Secret Angel without having to graze on grass (I promise, no grass).

You've been relatively content the past few years.

But it's not about being content.

It's about being immensely proud of who you are and how you look.

That's where I come in...


I am Danna Yahav, your BFF health coach. I've created my signature program, 30 Days to Looking Your Best Naked, because I know you need a game plan you can stick to and someone to support you every step of the way. I know you want to bring sexy back but are confused by all the information on nutrition - I can help. You want rock hard abs but hate working out - I have a solution. You feel something deep inside is holding you back from success - we can work through it, together.


  • 4 - 1 hour weekly calls to discuss our topic of the week - includes a Q&A portion so you are 100% clear about reaching your goal. You will get the recording if you can't make the call.
  • Any handouts, worksheets, videos, recordings, or goodies that will help you with your weekly task (must. get. hot. )
  • Group support through Facebook and e-mail. The beauty of a group program is that we can all lean on each other. Ask questions in our private Facebook group or e-mail me, personally (because that's what supportive girlfriends do)
  • Goodie bags! These are extra motivation that I will send out once you start. It's a secret but you will love it!
  • A bonus 5th week to really get you healthy and hot... FREE!
  • And other to-be-announced- bonuses!


  • JANUARY 5: Nutrition + detox. I am cutting through the bull shit and giving it to you as clear as possible. Eeverything you need to know about losing weight, made easy. This stuff is KEY to your success after the program as well.
  • JANUARY 12: Emotional eating + cravings. Why do you crave the things you crave? Why do you binge eat as soon as you get to work? Get all your questions answered and find out how to stop emotional eating and curb your cravings for good. This is where the AHA moments begin.
  • JANUARY 19: Self-care. This is probably one of the most overlooked topics to losing weight and looking hot naked! I will teach you the top ways you should be engaging in self care and why (massager not included). This is where we reduce your stress and skyrocket weight loss.
  • JANUARY 26: Success in the long term. Ah, yes. You are so sexy, hot, and naked right now that you want to stay this way forever. Let me teach you how to continue seeing results in the future.
  • FEBRUARY 2: BONUS!!! This is a bonus I threw in because it's Winter and I'm sure you want to know all about natural healing! We'll talk healing with foods, essential oils, emotions, balancing chakras, and more!

Danna creates the perfect environment for you to relax and open your heart. She is full of love and great energy, and you can feel how contagious it is. She really understood what my issues were (even before I did), and very accurately helped me creating the best achievable goals to improve my emotional and physical health in the next months. If you need a coach full of heart, contact Danna! You won't regret it.

Silvia Mendez

Enroll below, bring your sexy back, and get naked.


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  • q-iconCan I pay in installments?

    Yes ma’am. Contact me privately and we can figure out how to make this work for you, financially. (dannayahav@gmail.com)

  • q-iconWhat if this isn't for me?

    If after our 1st call you decide this course isn’t floating your boat, just let me know and I will gladly refund you your money. Note, that you cannot get a refund after that 1st week.

  • q-iconWill I have to purchse extoic and expensive foods?

    Hell no. I don’t want to do that either so I would never suggest you do it. This is all about making our life easier and sexier not more expensive.

  • q-iconWill I lose 35 pounds?

    I can’t guarantee anyone’s results. It really does vary from person to person. I am, however, committed to your success and helping you each step of the way. But, you have to put the work in. Although I can’t guarantee you will emerge as Adrianna Lima in days, I can promise you will make monumental changes in your life that will radiate sexy….if you do the work.

  • q-iconCan I take the course naked?

    SURE! We’ll be chatting online and on the phone so you can be butt ass naked if you wish. In fact, I encourage it.

  • q-iconI have more questions...

    That’s cool.

    Just kidding. E-mail me. dannayahav@gmail.com

You aren't inferior, inadequate, powerless, or hopeless.

You're a beautiful girl trying to get her sexy back.

You shouldn't feel discouraged. Stop feeling ashamed. Don't feel helpless.

All you need is a girlfriend with a plan.

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