3 Ways to Combat Emotional Eating + A GIVEAWAY

We all do it. Some more than others. It can be detrimental to our health, our fitness goals, and even our minds. It's so important to conquer emotional eating in order to build lifelong, healthy habits. I find a few things to be true when it comes to emotional eating. One, there is always some sort of disconnect between what you want in life and what you're getting. Two, it has become a habit that you may not even think much about anymore. As soon as you feel a certain feeling, you reach for the chocolate. And three, you are making TONS of excuses. "I had a hard day, I deserve it." So keep these 3 things in mind while you are reading the following 3 tips to conquer emotional eating.

  1. Become aware. This is SO important. You can't possibly combat any feelings or habits that you have without first becoming aware of them. I suggest a food journal or the notes app in your phone. Every time you find yourself reaching for something that is sabotaging your diet or health goals, investigate. Sit in it and feel the real feelings that are coming up. Ask yourself questions about it and then write it all down. Ask yourself, will this food REALLY make me feel better? Maybe in the short term but what about the long term? Will this truly benefit me? What can I do instead that will serve me? Do some work here to get to the core and then try to heal. ***I have a giveaway here. See note after post***
  2. Healthy substitutions. If you know that chocolate is what you reach for every night after dinner when you are feeling lonely and depressed, then don't keep it in the house! Or substitute the milk chocolate for 70%+ dark chocolate. Or make yourself a cacao and nut butter smoothie instead. Instead of that 3rd glass of wine, try going for a walk, reading a book, playing a board game with the kids, or taking a hot shower. This is a substitute that takes your mind off of the trigger all together. Try different things and see what works.
  3. Take responsibility for where you stand. Often times we turn to emotional eating because we are not happy with where we are in life. Maybe this is partly due to circumstances, but you definitely played a part in it too. Take responsibility and own where you are currently. Only then can you change. Turn to your journal here too. Where are you right now in life? Where do you want to be? How do you want to feel in life? I suggest a passion list. What are your passions, how do they make you feel, and how can you incorporate more of them into your life? Here's the biggie: what is 1 action step that you can do right now to achieve it? 


Have you ever heard of "tapping"? Think of it as acupuncture without the needles. Jessica Ortner is a stress reduction and weight loss coach as well as an author and producer of "The Tapping Solution". Her new book, "The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss & Body Confidence" is now available and I want to give away a copy! Comment on this post with an emotional eating tip or your go-to food when life becomes too much and you will be entered to win!

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