2018: intentions + goals

Happy new year tribe!

I am sure you are being bombarded with emails and Facebook posts about goals and intentions for the new year. So I want to take this time to clarify a little why this is important and how to customize it to YOU.

First, what’s the difference between intentions and goals? Intentions you set and forget, in a broad sense. I intend to bring more peace into my life. I have set the intention, I let peace come over me, I breathe it in, and then I let it go. Knowing that the Universe has my back and will bring me more opportunities for peace should I choose to accept them.

The purpose of a goal is to ultimately feel a certain way. Maybe you want to make a million dollars this year, which is great, but what will that give you? That million dollars is nothing without a purpose. Freedom, happiness, joy, peace of mind. Those are all the ways you may feel when you reach this goal. The second part here is to create specific steps to reaching your goals. This is so important! And I’m going to let you in on a secret here that I teach my 1:1 ladies, start from the end. In order to make one million dollars this year, what would you have to do in the middle of the year? How much would you have to make each quarter, month, week, day. What would you NEED to do in order to really fucking achieve your goal? Put pen to paper and create a plan for your goals, then actually do it!

I think you get the gist on goals and intentions. But the question that I get most often is, what if I don’t know what I want? I’m going to call bullshit on this one. You DO know what you want, you do know who you are, you DO understand why you are here. But you’ve lost that connection to a deeper meaning and source in your life. I get it, but shit, how long are you going to play this game of not knowing? If you did know, what would you want? If you did know yourself, who would you be? Ask yourself some deep questions, search, peel, and you shall find. Reclaim who you really are and what you truly desire NOW.

I know that you can do this yourself. But I am here to guide you as well. I have a few options to peeling back the onion and reclaiming your true self and purpose. One is working together in a group setting and doing some DEEP guided work with me and other people who are feeling what you are feeling. Here are some details on that program.

Secondly, I am opening up 5 spots to my high level coaching program. This 1:1 DEEP transformation. We will not fuck around so this is only for those who are seriously ready to change their lives and become the person they were meant to be on this planet. You can apply for this by getting on a quick call with me to see if it’s a match. Schedule your call here.

Happy new year, tribe. Let’s make 2018 the best fucking year yet by uncovering who you really are, realigning your power energies, and living your best life.

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