Hey girl, hey


I know why you’re here. Life got hard, confusing, and unfulfilling. I honor you for showing up looking for answers. Allow me to be your guide.



there’s a spiritual solution for that!





Hey I’m Danna. I’m a spiritual advisor, coach, and healer. I serve women just like you who are feeling lost, unaligned, and are looking for more out of life. I empower them to release limiting beliefs, embody their soul’s purpose, and access their innate spiritual gifts. As a self-proclaimed self-help junkie, I have so many tools in my toolbox, it is bursting at the seams. Some of my techniques include the Akashic Records, spiritual clearings, energetic healings, Tarot card readings, Aromatherapy, and so much more.  My dream is to educate and share all I know to awaken you to your true divine light so you can have the tools to change your life forever. The truth is that you were meant to live an abundant, beautiful life beyond your wildest dreams. So why aren’t you? Let’s get you there.