Wellness coaching, but with soul

As a soul coach, I work with real women who are finally ready to step into the goddesses they were born to be

Exploring health, exercise, career, relationships, Spiritism, Spirituality, mysticism, magic, and so much more

Have you ever thought...

"Who am I really? What's my purpose?

There has to be MORE to life!"

With soul coaching you will...

-Utilize the tarot, the Akashic Records, and a connection to spirit to examine who you really are, what your life purpose is, and how you can embody these aspects of yourself to live the life you've always dreamed of.

-Learn the role that Spirituality, magic, and Spiritism play in your everyday life.

-Adapt small (or large) daily rituals surrounding self love to help you effortlessly step into the warrior woman you are meant to be.

-Understand the role food and exercise plays when it comes to your mind, body, soul, and connection to spirit.

-Begin to tap into the deep well of inner guidance, intuition, and psychic powers that you already possess.

-Receive the unwavering support that you need to make real changes in your life at YOUR own pace.

Hi, I'm Danna (pronounced Donna)

With the help of your higher self, spirit/guides, and some magical spiritual tools, we will crack you open to receive all of the love, abundance, and health you have always dreamed of.

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